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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Athanatos173 4 / 10 / 10

Train to Nowhere

The unfortunate truth of this sequel is that it has absolutely nothing of what the original movie had. There is no real emotional connection with the main characters. They rely on horrible CGI way too much which really takes you out of the scenes when all the car scenes and most of the zombies just look so fake. And as for the car scenes, for a moment I thought I was watching the wrong movie and was actually watching a Fast & Furious zombie sequel. To sum up, the plot is simplistic and ridiculous, the action scenes are for the most part lacklustre, there is no real connection from us the audience for the characters, though they heavy handedly try their best, unsuccessfully I may add, and the CGI is horrid. Not Recommended.

Reviewed by TheFinalGirl13 3 / 10 / 10

Everything at once

Peninsula is an extremely fun movie to watch. It packs virtually all genres possible, the movie is way too much but very entertaining. You have zombies (although they are not really threatening and felt more like a tool used to advance the plot), you have Mad Max-like car chases, you have wild insane people enjoying the Purge, you have a hint of a comedy and a whole lot of soap opera drama. At one point I was convinced the characters would start dancing Bollywood-style! While Train to Busan was character-driven and emotional film, Peninsula is a wild, action-packed movie which has almost nothing to do with the former. It would fit perfectly into Zombieland universe and the reviews here would be much better then. In other words, it is a bad movie if you expect Train to Busan continuation but a good Zombieland 3. Plot-wise, Peninsula leaves even more question unanswered, if you think about characters' background or some story details you'll notice a lot of inconsistencies, plot holes and unclarities. But this movie is not made to think, so don't take it seriously, don't expect much and just enjoy whatever nonsense is going on on-screen.

Reviewed by forthatusage 3 / 10 / 10

More to humans vs humans than zombies vs humans

Just saying.. There is no train in this movie at all just a lot of cars..its not a sequel to the first movie just using the same pandemic that's started in Korea... This movie has a very different vibe from the first movie... it is not really a survival zombie movie like the first really thrilling zombie scene compared to the first one.. more to war between humans with car racing and guns.. There are some questionable facts in this movie such as a mother who let her kids riding cars like that ..and a really young girl who can drive like that is too good to be true.. a group of people survived that long but did not in anyway try to contact the outside world? But instead capture people and have fun watching them being killed by zombies..Did not really feel anything when some of the characters died.. There are some forced drama like the death of his brother in law which I don't really care.. Because not much bond can be felt between them.. There is also added drama towards the end that suppose to make me feel something but instead felt clichéd..

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