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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yris2002 7 / 10 / 10

A funny and tender farce

There's certainly something farcical inside this picture, where the characters, especially the protagonist, are so exaggerated as to get caricatures of themselves, and situations get sometimes grotesque. However, this farce works, bringing about a lot of fun, and even tenderness. Dany Boom's facial expressions and mimic are simply exhilarating and would be enough to make one laugh, but he is surrounded and supported by amusing folks, who help to give rise to an enjoyable comedy, where drama comes only near the end to awaken a spirit of loving fatherhood, thus arousing also tender feelings. Comedy prevails, and successfully.

Reviewed by cebotarifelicia 6 / 10 / 10

Comedy in life issues

I love it ! It has something special, the subject is well shown. It's not just comedy, this movie tries to explain the feelings and the situation in witch is put an tightfisted, his social problems. Maybe, next time we will see one, we would be more sympathetic with him, because it's hard to live like this, but it's kind of in this blood, It is a trait of character. I liked the fact that the movie shows the beginning of this avidity, his parents, education is one more time so important. And maybe every tightfisted is not so complicated like this one, maybe we can help him, we can be that neighbor who helps him, may if he doesn't do always the same ;) In fact, this movie can affect a lot of tightfisted people.

Reviewed by myriamlenys 6 / 10 / 10

feelgood comedy about a miser coming to his senses

A middle-aged musician earns good money but lives like a pauper, eating food that is well past its "best before" date, living in darkness and taking ice-cold showers. Most of his neighbours and colleagues have learned to shun him, knowing that it is almost impossible to prise him loose from his self-imposed misery. Still, something might be moving on the genealogical front... "Radin" is basically a feelgood "Scrooge" story, about a misanthropic miser who opens his heart under the influence of both love and shock. As a movie, it is best appreciated for its fine, talented cast and its beautiful performances. There are also some nice jokes and gags, some of them musical : this must be one of the few movies in history where Vivaldi's "Four seasons" is compressed into a running time of 12 or 13 minutes. Sadly "Radin" suffers from over-exaggeration. The protagonist isn't just thrifty ; he's obsessed with saving and hoarding money to the point where he cuts himself off from logic, reason and normal human contact. It feels more like a psychiatric affliction than like a vice, a quirk or a character trait, meaning that it feels more oppressive and pitiful than funny. Moreover, this obsession with frugality is so all-consuming that it makes his total and sudden redemption pretty unbelievable. But it's not a bad movie ; just a movie with a number of problems. If you watch it, be sure to watch the first few minutes closely : they're pretty funny AND unusual.

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