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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shankerwal 2 / 10 / 10

Worst Horror Movie

Worst movie i have ever seen. Nothing is Horror in this movie. But anywayz 2 stars for actor & actress.

Reviewed by bastian-kreuzer 3 / 10 / 10

The Pentagram of Boredom and Nothingness

The movie is fine for about 15 minutes until the protagonists get caught inside the titular pentagram and you realize there won't be much more to the movie than that. There's not much mystery about the evil entity as we see it a few minutes later. There's just some shaking and a badly designed CGI demon Asmodeus appears and drags the English guy to hell. Lucky for him. You're still stuck with an hour of the movie left to go and four people left alive. I wish the whole thing had just ended right then and there. According to the synopsis these people are teenagers. Yeah, right. Well, at least they behave like they're 12 although they look like they're on the wrong side of 30. Candles play a big part in the movie. The gut wrenching sequence of fetch the candle was so tense it had me on the edge of my seat. I thought they were dead for sure when they lost that last candle. But, hey, the junkie girl saved the day with her tiny tealight. Well done, girl. Who knew that small tealight was gonna burn as long as the foot tall and three inches wide massive candles. I kinda thought that the bad guy was making the most sense the whole time. At least he was trying to resolve the situation. He should have just shot them all and left. But what the hell do I know. He was clearly the bad guy here. What do you do when you get trapped inside a cursed pentagram? You go to sleep. What else would you do? Luckily no one had to use the toilet for the entire night. On the whole this movie has much too little to offer. It looks cheap. It is shot in almost exclusively one location and that is just an ordinary room. The characters are weak and shallow. I found myself not really caring about what happens to them. The dialogue is monotonous and boring. Some of this is on the script, some on the wooden acting. There's almost zero tension. The horror element is not present. The CGI demon is not scary and is only a distant threat. It probably seemed like an interesting idea for a low budget movie. Unfortunately that is all that remains. An interesting idea. The movie turned out to be an uninteresting dull affair. I would avoid this if I were you.

Reviewed by tchitouniaram 3 / 10 / 10

One of the worst out there...

One of the worst out there... 3 stars just cause the idea was pretty neat,execution sucked... Acting atrocious,effects terrible...In the hands of better crew with bigger budget, could have been pretty decent...

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