Perfect Friday


Comedy / Crime

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David Warner as Dr. John Leslie Stevenson aka Jack the Ripper
Stanley Baker as Mike Bain
Ursula Andress as Kaeti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rugis 10 / 10 / 10

double crossing partners execute bank heist set in London.

An excellent, intricate bank heist involving three uneasy partners (baker, andress and warner) who plot a raid on the vaults of baker's firm. The plan is aborted on several tries amidst great tension, until the elements finally fall into place on a "perfect friday". The added suspense of who will double cross who, along with a great finale, make for a fun film that has aged well in the subsequent hi-tech

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10 / 10

Too gimmicky, but suspenseful.

In the first half, the elliptical narrative is very confusing for a first-time viewer; throughout the movie, the direction is sometimes unnecessarily gimmicky, employing fast cutting and close-ups a little too often. Still, the movie has some truly suspenseful set pieces (where you're afraid that even an accidental "wrong" glance may destroy everything), several nude scenes with Ursula Andress and a kicker of an ending. Much better than "Dollars" with Warren Beatty. (**1/2)

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 5 / 10 / 10

NOT Perfect, but still pretty good

Certainly entertaining but far from a perfect heist film. Stanley Baker is a seemingly uptight bank manager (he wears a black bowler and carries a black umbrella ALWAYS) who ropes in destitute "lord" David Warner and his sexy wife (Ursula Andress) into taking part in a very convoluted plot to steal a ton of money. Director Peter Hunt relies on a lot of long shots and zooms, presumably in an attempt to build suspense, but more often than not coming off as padding. There's not much here beyond the undeniable chemistry of the three leads. Baker is terrific (cast against type as a nervous nebbish) and Warner is decidedly creepy donning various wigs and outrageous suits. Andress comes off best, giving a very funny performance.

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