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Jane Seymour as Diane
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Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10 / 10


Jane Seymour reprises her role of Prudence McCoy in "Perfectly Prudence," a 2011 TV movie. This film is notable for reuniting Seymour with her Dr. Quinn costar, Joe Lando, who is still handsome with short hair. In the last TV movie, Prudence was involved in a murder while on vacation. I'm a little disappointed that this wasn't another mystery. Here, Prudence, a Martha Stewart type, is preparing for another season of her TV show, with her daughter (Katherine Flynn) acting as producer. The only problem is, network execs are making a lot of problems. They want to change everything about the show, 'sex it up,' and give Prudence a young, sexy cohost (Valerie Azlynn). And one of the execs is an old love of Prudence's (Lando) - and the relationship didn't end well. Since this is Hallmark, the film didn't have a lot of bite to it. Valerie Azlynn was terrific as Angie, and contributed much-needed energy and humor. Seymour is lovely, but she spent most of the movie being angry. It was good when she finally softened. And it was so nice to see her with Lando again. My verdict: just okay. Certainly Seymour can handle a stronger script, and it's a good character with excellent household hints!

Reviewed by reader4 9 / 10 / 10

Still Good, In Spite Of...

This movie is still good in spite of how hard they deliberately tried to ruin it. "Dear Prudence" was great, a woman who gets dragged into being a detective by circumstance. She was assisted by a young lad, somewhat reminiscent of the "Hettie Wainthrop" series starring Patricia Routledge. So how did they try to ruin it? First of all, Prudence is no longer a detective. This was the main point of the entire show, which has now been eliminated completely. Kind of like making an episode of Miss Marple where she turns out to be a knitting instructor on TV instead of a sleuth. I was at about 1:20 in to the film when I finally decided that nobody was going to get murdered. Second, in "Dear Prudence" her assistant was young, perhaps teenage, cute, shy and geeky, with lots of personality. In "Perfectly Prudence" they have replaced him with a late-twenties, pudgy, unattractive geek with the personality of clammy dumpling dough. Removes half the reason to watch the show. The other half of the reason, though, Jane Seymour, is quite delightful. She is still looking very good. Unexpectedly, the movie is stolen by Valerie Azlynn, who has a real flair for comedy. Her crying scenes are particularly hilarious. I think it's very ironic that the plot of "Perfectly Prudence" is about the network executives trying to ruin her TV show, destroying everything it stood for and totally revamping it purely for the sake of money, when that is exactly what they did to "Dear Prudence!"

Reviewed by Fieldsp341 9 / 10 / 10

Chemistry Still There

Spoiler: First, it was wonderful seeing Jane and Joe together in something modern. And I liked the romantic comedy aspect of it all. I thought the casting was done well. Especially the actress playing Angie. She had me laughing out loud. And I was happy to see Joe Lando playing the love interest in this one. He and Jane still have their chemistry between them. For those expecting to see the detective side of Prudence, you would be disappointed. In Dear Prudence, she was on vacation and found herself surrounded with a mystery, but she isn't a detective by trade. Prudence McIntyre is really a Martha Stewart type person and we see more of that in this movie. She is frantically trying to keep her show on the air the way it is, and with the help of family and friends, she is able to do so. I love the tidbits of advice they sprinkled throughout the movie. I would love to see a follow up with Joe and Jane again as Prudence and Jack. Maybe in the next one, they could add a bit of the mystery many seemed to miss in this one, as long as they keep the romance.

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