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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duefiori 6 / 10 / 10


Too sanitized, too much feel-good. The major objection I have is about the missing bits, the scary ones. In the book both Lucignolo and the Fairy die in a heartbreaking way (that should not be a spoiler), and believe me, in Italy the book has been criticized as too scary and traumatic (someone even proposed a R10 rating). You can like or dislike that part, but omitting it is a complete disrespect of the author. Then, the acting. Benigni basically plays himself. Mangiafuoco is played by a honest-to-god marvellous stage comedian which is quite obviously off role. Pinocchio's part is played by a kid whose acting skills are quite wooden (hah). The only truly great acting comes from Cat and Fox. Scenery and musics and costumes are nice, but that's about it. Flat movie.

Reviewed by petra_ste 9 / 10 / 10

Fine adaptation of a classic

This is a largely faithful, visually neat adaptation of Collodi's classic of children's literature. Talented director Matteo Garrone (Il Racconto dei Racconti, Dogman, L'Imbalsamatore) keeps the darker side of his imagination at bay and correctly puts his visual talent in service of the story. Performances are solid; Roberto Benigni is much better as Geppetto - warm, paternal, lovably awkward - than he was as Pinocchio. Even the kids are fine, with Ielapi as the titular protagonist, the naive, stubborn but well-meaning Pinocchio, Baldari Calabria as the quietly mischievous young fairy and Di Domenicantonio as toxic friend Lucignolo. Special mention to the excellent make-up and costumes. 7,5/10

Reviewed by t-viktor212 9 / 10 / 10

Should be released internationally asap

Pinocchio Garrone's adaptation brings back the magic and some of the grit of the original fable with a Del Toro-esque magic. I can't really understand how 'Pinocchio' can be considered dry or boring, on the opposite, it might be Garrone's most emotionally involving feature. The director of Gomorra and Dogman is no stranger to the adaptation of fables, a few years ago he directed The Tale of Tales, with an international cast, an adaptation of fables written by a sort of southern Italian equivalent of the Grimms. There's a great deal of faithfulness to the original novel. Various scenes of the original Pinocchio have been forgot over the years, but this new adaptation is not afraid of reinstating them. At the sane time, the story maintains its original picaresque value and message. Some scenes, mostly due to film lenght, where however omitted nonetheless, but the most important sequences are all present. I did say that this Pinocchio has a Del Toro-esque feel, that is due to the implementation of extensive make-up and props for all the various creatures that Pinocchio encounters during his journey, and on pinocchio's actor himself. The result is so flawless that honestly I don't know how Del Toro can overcome it with his own planned stopmotion version that's going to be released a few years from now. The cast should be also noted, with Benigni, Gigi Proietti and more well-known actors that seem just perfectly fit for their roles. I should also mention the scenery, very italian, very rural, and stunningly photographed. Italian cinema suffered through the years, but it's certainly not due to the filmmakers, but rather the poor marketing and limited distribution. I really hope that this movie gets widely distributed internationally.

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