Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

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Reviewed by Shostakovich343 2 / 10 / 10

A Pokémon Retrospective, Part 11

In my ongoing quest to destroy my childhood I have set out to (re)watch all Pokémon films, and see how they hold up now that I am an adult. Admittedly, I only remember having seen parts of "Giratina and the Sky Warrior" (which I hated) and none of the later films because I grew up and cultivated good taste, so I should really come up with a replacement for my opening sentence. 'In my ongoing quest to ruin my summer holiday...' perhaps? Those who have seen the previous film, "The Rise of Darkrai", will remember it had one of the series' more intimate storylines, revolving around a tender Darkrai who tries to shield his precious garden from a galactic dispute between Dialga and Palkia. That film was bogged down by the writers' notion that 40 minutes of big Pokémon punching each other was the more interesting storyline. In the same idiom, "Giratina and the Sky Warrior" begins with Giratina and Dialga fighting for no apparent reason (Palkia presumably scarpered.) It is a dull and unimaginative fight, as well as an annoying one, because the action is constantly interrupted by the Pokémon Shaymin. The pink-white-green hedgehog was probably meant to be cute, but keeps demanding attention and produces a sound that makes you want to pierce your own eardrums. The pretence of being a sequel to "The Rise of Darkrai" is dropped after this introduction. The real story begins when Shaymin stumbles upon Ash and Co., completely ruins their lunch and has to be taken care of. At this moment I was struck with terror. That insufferable runt is the films' focus? I wasn't half prepared for the horrors that were to come. Shaymin turns out to have a voice that matches its squeezing in terms of aggravation, and to be of the vilest character. Jirachi and Manaphi fell into the same 'small and cute' mould, but those Pokémon were well-meaning and affable. Who thought that Shaymin's spoiled, arrogant, lazy, weak and whiny character would endear any audience? That pest on legs has to be taken back to its flower garden -- or rather: demands to be taken there: 'Look here, I have to go to the flower garden, and that's that!' 'I thought you said you could fly,' Ash remarks, sensibly. 'I can, but not now.' Isn't that witty? Shaymin is the Pokémon equivalent to a spoiled little nephew who hasn't been sufficiently spanked by his absent parents. He may well be the most singularly unlikable creation in all of Pokémon, and we are stuck with him for the whole plodding film. The journey that follows is an exercise in tedium: About 45 minutes of carrying, escorting and saving Shaymin, only to be yapped at in return. Mercifully, after reaching the garden, the film becomes boring instead of insufferable. A villain appears that catches Giratina (remember him?), and now has to be defeated, because he is going to destroy the world from an alternate dimension, or something like that. At least there is more action now, which is good, because it means there's less talking. The 'mirror dimension' even allows for some visual creativity to distract from that paroxysmal hedgehog. The pleasant mediocrity of these scenes softens the awfulness of the first half somewhat, although the shatteringly underserved sad goodbye at the end drains any remaining goodwill. Even though considerably less effort was put into most of the later films, "Giratina and the Sky Warrior" stands amongst the worst entries in the series. It is bland, boring and poorly paced, but we are used to that. No, it is Shaymin, that indefatigable aggravator, that damns this film to its private place in Hell (circle 7, ring 3, section 2: violence against art). "Giratina"'s only pre is that it made me appreciate the mediocrity of the other films, because at least they did not make me want to mutilate my sensory organs.

Reviewed by hayashimegumi 9 / 10 / 10

Filled with both new and recurring likable characters, endearing Pokémon and a well thought out world concept which can be easily enjoyed by all.

Due to my personal Pokémon Movie Marathon, it's easy to tell how much Pokémon films have improved over the years due to the creators' efforts and that means Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) is different from the rest of the older Pokémon films! It has unique concepts and the creators of this animated feature evidently paid more attention to details such as the Pokémon movements, feelings and personality. The CGI is much better too. Most of all, the creators have played with interesting point of views and angles as well, which allows us to see through the characters' eyes and have a fun experience! Honestly, I will never hide this one fact; Pokémon films can be disappointing no matter how promising they can be sometimes but they are just going all out for their specific target audiences and guess what... I am immensely delighted with this Diamond & Pearl trilogy! The Diamond & Pearl trilogy films have impressed me before and rewatching them again to write about them on my film blog is certainly my pleasure as they have shown improvements in various aspects especially the plot compared to all the older films and are quite entertaining to watch. So for Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008), I would say it easily is one of the best Pokémon films and like the rest of the trilogy, it is pleasantly interesting! This is just a short version of my review but I must say this: Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) is filled with both new and recurring likable characters, endearing Pokémon and a well thought out world concept which can be easily enjoyed by all. It is a great family film and animated feature based on video game; you should watch this especially if you love Pokémon!

Reviewed by wackohoward 9 / 10 / 10

A nice movie that reminds me of Pokémon Platinum

Pro's: . Shaymin (mainly in its sky forme) . Wild Pokémon Helping Out . Giratina . Felt nicely paced . Shieldon getting more of a spotlight Cons: . Shaymin (mainly in its land forme) . Train scene (minus the battle with the Magnemite line)

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