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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psarjun 2 / 10 / 10

A Tamil Movie in Malayalam Language.

Vyshak has brought the richness of Tamil film to Malayalam, better than anyone who has tried that before but at a Time when TAMIL and TELUGU movies are moving towards meaningful movies why Malayalam is Copying from 1990s Tamil Formula. This Movie have a Lot of Similarity with Rajamanikkam and Chattambinadu. And After Rajamanikkam, Directors are using the same story and formula and its Getting Irritated to watch more than 10 Minutes. A Lot of Slow Motion Scenes, that too a Zoom from Legs to Head (around 6 Shots in the initial 15 Minutes) + A Brother + running away from Home for a reason, he had not committed + Coming to Kerala from Another State or Region + Different Slang (Kannada/Tamil). And PUNCH Dialoges used in this movie is so Comical that taken from Some of the Famous Rajni's Tamil Movie like Muthu and also Few scenes from Malaikottai has altered to Malayalam style and last but not least an Action scene (Mammotty at Siddhiq's House) is a Copy cat of first Action Sequence in ATHITHI (Telugu) movie. . Malayalam is loosing its Nativity with each movies releasing.

Reviewed by coolsarath-vijayan / 10

the worst movie in Malayalam film history

This movie is the crappiest movie ever made. All you need to confirm the above statement is listen to mammootty's dialog - "raja solvartha saivaan, saivarthaan solvaan". The idiot writers udayakrishna and sibi k.Thomas are so untalented that they had to copy a line from a rajnikanth movie. Vysakh is seriously untalented. The producers duped the audience by bringing prithviraj and mammootty together. The audience just showed up in the theatre. eager to see mammooty and prithviraj together. They cheered when Prithviraj appeared. They cheered when mammootty appeared. These were the only two instances of cheer in the this overlong crap fest of a movie. The rest of the time, the audience was struck dumb by the sheer mediocrity. But unfortunately, the numbers looked good. So people thought it was a hit. But actually, it's one of the worst films ever made. Vysakh continues his journey of making crap movies. And the idiot low class of Kerala regularly shows up to watch his movies. But time will catch up with his lack of talent. Poor Mammootty. Such a great actor. Certainly, one of the greatest in Indian cinema. This is one role which I think even he would be ashamed about.

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