Police Story 2


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Dennis Chan as Mr. Cheng
Jackie Chan as Senior Insp. Chan Kwok-Wing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 8 / 10 / 10

A cop is all he knows to be.

Jackie Chan in flight is such a joy to behold (especially during the end credits showing bloopers and the injuries from the mind-blowing stunts), as this particular series (five films so far and a spin off from the third feature) along with "Project A" and its sequel would come down as probably his most recognizable home-grown efforts to western audiences. I love Chan's early work, and the Police Story features (which did come across as epic crime joints) are some of his best latter stuff. As for "Police Story Part 2", it continues on from the excellent original to simply match the quality and go on to be a little larger in scale and excitingly explosive… literally. The Hong Kong police force doesn't like individual heroes and that's what they see Ka Kui as. His effective, but it always comes at a cost which they are not willing to take. So for he extreme acts Kui is demoted to a traffic cop. However after some threats on his life and his girlfriend which causes more of a stir, he decides to quit for his well-being and that of his girlfriend. But it doesn't last long when he's conned back onto the force to help combat against a string of bomb threats involving a gang holding ransom a big corporation. Jackie Chan flexibly directs astonishingly dangerous stunts-galore and inventively rapid, if elaborate martial arts choreography in what is an old-hat, but very busy and comic book pulp cops and robbers chase formula. It's customary investigation work, by trying to predict the next move and virtually racing against the clock to stop the bad guys… which has two lots for Chan to take on. The tough action is instinctive, uncanny and lethal making it amazing to watch (with an upbeat music tempo underlining it) and boy their's a destructive mess after nearly every ordeal. This goes for the electrifying and impulsive climatic showdown. Like most of these outings it doesn't forget the humour, which is quite broad and silly, but these comic elements can be fun and actually it's rather toned down than usual. It's more-so serious involving the pressure and dangers of the job with a multi-facet performance by Chan as there's an unhealthy obsession (boldly dogged, but self-centred) making his character truly blind of what really should be important to him. However I found to get in the way was the love interest angle (the factor of police work getting in the way of love), which was important for certain story developments and to squeeze out suspenseful situations, but still those awkward moments do slow down its momentum. The performances are immensely colourful (Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung, Kwok-Hung Lam, Charlie Cho and Benny Lai) and Jackie Chan under a heavy work load shows the stamina and agility with that glowing charisma, which makes him a favourite.

Reviewed by gridoon 9 / 10 / 10

Superb action and serious Jackie!

"Police Story 2" is a movie that mostly shows Jackie Chan's serious side. His performance is relatively mature and restrained, and he allows his character to be portrayed as not only brave, smart and determined, but flawed and selfish as well (his scene with Maggie Cheung after the fight in the playground is a key point). There is less slapstick and more plot than usual for a Chan movie; less emphasis on comedy and more on action. The action sequences are superb, and that deaf-mute guy with the incredible martial-arts skills is one of the most memorable villains Jackie ever had to face (literally: I had seen the film only once before in 1997 and I still remembered him clearly). (**1/2)

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 9 / 10 / 10

One of Jackie's best ever made!

After reading many reviews and most of the comments on IMDb.com I must say that some people don't have a clue what they are talking about. I mean if you give a review of a Jackie Chan movie you don't have to talk about the plot (even if it is a good one). Because most of the Jackie Chan movies are not about a plot, there is no message from Jackie for you to think about. At least this concerns the films he made before he was indoctrinated by motherland China. He is about the action, martial arts and dangerous stunts. The bigger the better. In short mind blowing spectacle. He tries to show you different skills and stunts in each movie he makes and he has been managing to do this for a very long time. Naturally old age has caught up with him. Although it has to be said that old Jackie can do more than any average person on this planet. So despite what you think of his political views he does deserve some credit. It is a real joy to watch him in action and furthermore he wants you to be entertained. So if you are giving a review of a Jackie Chan movie than talk about the action. Especially since this is where Police Story really shines at. This film contains the most memorable fighting scenes made by Jackie in his entire career. And that is saying something. In my opinion it is even better than Police Story 1 since it doesn't allow itself to be distracted by infantile comedy as much as in the first. But don't worry if you love the good old slapstick comedic bits. There are still plenty around. Even after so many years the action is amazing. It holds up like it has been made yesterday. It is far superior to his work in Hollywood (Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon)! I have been a fan of Jackie Chan fan since I can say Jackie Chan and I can be very critical about his work (especially his American movies). But Police Story 2 is an action movie that deserves praise simply because it his one of his best, a real classic!

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