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Reviewed by MisterSaxon 8 / 10 / 10

Refreshingly Original Zombie Movie

The zombie horror genre is an over-saturated one; and it takes something truly original to remind you why you loved them in the first place. "Pontypool" is such a movie. If you think this is going to be a straightforward zombie flick, it's time to think again. The first half of the movie moves slowly but efficiently, as a radio host and the two women in his team begin to realise that something is most definitely wrong in their normally quiet little town. With the aid of some wonderful cinematography and an intelligent script, the audience is holed up inside the radio station as reports begin to filter through of mysterious events which are growing ever more threatening in nature. The second half of the story, when the cause of the danger becomes known and our protagonists are forced to protect themselves, will either impress you (as it did me) or completely lose you. If you're lucky enough to experience the former, you'll realise that this movie has far more going for it than your standard 'mindless zombies run around eating brains' movie. It's a cerebral horror movie, designed to make you think as you watch. The acting is solid throughout. Stephen McHattie (who had small parts in "Watchmen" and "A History Of Violence" amongst others, and whose voice and appearance reminds me of Lance Henriksen) is perfectly cast in the central role, and is backed by great performances by Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly. As most of the early scenes of rising dread come from their characters listening to others calling the radio show, their reactions are essential to maintaining suspense and they do a fantastic job. If you're a fan of more intelligent horror fare (such as the earlier work of David Cronenberg), you'd be advised to take a look here. It's a movie that defies expectations and provides a refreshing injection into a genre of movie that has become increasingly tired as of late. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by kngilber 10 / 10 / 10


I saw this film at the Toronto film festival, and I must say it was superb. It's a zombie flick that isn't a zombie flick--it really breaks out of the genre. At times honestly hilarious and truly suspenseful at others, it was one of my top three films I saw at the festival. The IMDb synopsis doesn't do it justice. The main character loves to throw out references to linguistics and literary critics, and the "transmission" of the virus fits perfectly. Stephen McHattie did a fantastic job, as did Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly. Even though the "we're stuck in a building surrounded by zombies" is a well-used setup, Pontypool is so different from most zombie movies that it doesn't feel hackneyed. Altogether, it's a totally fresh, exciting movie. If you can get your hands on it, watch it!

Reviewed by Sovereign_x2000 10 / 10 / 10

An original,stylish and thrilling piece of work

Pontypool was an amazing film for a number of reasons.The story pays a respectful homage to horror greats like Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days later without ever becoming cliché. The approach to the mass "infection" was something that I never saw coming. The acting was excellent and I got the genuine impression I was listening to talk/news radio. The authenticity of the radio broadcast and culminating events were enough to actually draw me into the anxiety that the characters felt,which says a lot considering the 2-dimensional feel of the majority of movies I have seen as of late. I highly recommend this movie to any real sci-fi/horror fan that is fed up with the standard fair.Also, watch the final frames after the credits! Great job. 10/10

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