Pool Party Massacre


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MonsterVision99 7 / 10 / 10

A mostly fun tribute to 80s slasher horror

While it may suffer a bit from intentionally unlikable characters, a micro-budget, referential humor, odd performances and annoying parts that drag too long. Pool Party Massacre actually delivers a pretty good experience of gory deaths, an interesting twist and an all around fun 80's slasher film vibe. Even when 80's inspired slasher movies are sort of overdone, I can still reccomend the film for those who like the genre as it does enough to pull off some of the beats quite well. A good one, just not one of the best.

Reviewed by chrismj11 4 / 10 / 10

Cool Slasher Movie

Just got done watching this and thought I'd write a little review. Fun little film which was actually pretty funny and not in a so bad it's good way either! Funny script, inventive kills, hot chicks and some sick Heavy Metal tunes. I grabbed my copy from Fopp in London just on the great cover art alone and was really happy with what I got! Check it out

Reviewed by huffmanhorrors 4 / 10 / 10

This Pool Party just kind of floats

After the online Facebook hype and the rave reviews, much like the film "Don't F**k in the Woods," I was looking forward to seeing this. It is an 80's tribute film, same things MANY low budget people are doing today. So much so that it has ALMOST worn out it's welcome and I LOVE 80's movies. This one has some nice production value and a nice look, even if some of the basics of film production seem to be ignored. And when a film uses a tagline promoting itself in the same breath as "Slumber Party Massacre" you had better deliver. It ALMOST gets it and then takes a nosedive off the deep end of the pool. Why do almost all low budget films today have to have a group of people who are so nasty. First of all, they are all the same characters. Over and over. And the writers always make me hate them. Terrible people. I have no emotional investment at all in any of them. This is what the originals did right. Watch Halloween, Slumber Party Massacre and Prom Night. Why did I like them? I found people to care about. Even Terror Train and Motel Hell gave us defined characters. It is one thing to want to make a tribute to those films, but these low budget teams today are missing the vital points. They copy the music, they try and outdo the gore, they steal the formula. But they don't get it at all. Maybe when they are better at their craft. I watched a PG film, Happy Death Day along with this. And I loved it. I normally hate PG movies, especially horror movies. If it would have been gorier, it would have been perfect. The same with Final Girls from a few years ago. Too tame in the gore for me, but great movies. Really good writing. This movie could have been as good, and should have been, but the writing let it down. And the gore. This film should have really went all out with the gore. I wanted to love this, but it was not bloody enough and I had no one to care about. Still, I do see promise in the film. I would like to see what this team can do as they get better and have a few movies under their belts.

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