Porky's II: The Next Day



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Bob Clark as Klan Member
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mister-6 4 / 10 / 10

Just another "Day"....

If you liked the original (which I did) and expect the same level of "sophistication" here, don't. This is not the sequel you've been waiting for. "Porky's II: The Next Day" offers up some laughs but the rest is filled in with sub-plots about the KKK, political campaigning, American Indians and right-wing religion. THIS in a movie with a character named Pee-Wee? Maybe Bob Clark felt he needed to do some social atonement for the non-PC stuff he committed in the original. But just because it's PC doesn't mean it's funny. No Porky, no locker room humor, no Miss Honeywell, no shower scenes... but at least Miss Balbricker (Parsons) gets her comeuppance thanks to a snake in a most unexpected place. And as far as verbal intelligence goes, its highlight comes when the principal (Christmas) tell Reverend Flavel (Wiley) what to do with his flock. And if that isn't the level of sophistication you were hoping for, consider yourself warned. Four stars. Boogedy, boogedy, boogedy!

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10


When a movie is succesful, there will be sequels. It's almost astonishing there were only two sequels to the success of the original Porkys. But then again as they say, you can't capture lightning in a bottle. Or more accurate "erection" in a bottle. Now if you are offended by this, you probably should not watch this movie (although why you would come here after not having seen the mayhem of the first Porkys will probably always remain your secret). Having said that and while this tries to be different but also maintain the sentiment of the group of boys (now even older than in the first one, but playing that teenage age they are moste definitely not anymore). It succeeds to a degree - some jokes hit home but not as many as in the first one. Even though the creator came back for this one, it never reaches the height it set itself.

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 5 / 10 / 10

Porky's II: The Next Day (Bob Clark, 1983) **

As often happens, this sequel to PORKY'S (1982) is inferior to the original - but, then, neither is it as bad as Leonard Maltin claims in his esteemed Film Guide! It does cheat by forsaking the titular establishment entirely, though the formula is pretty much the same as before - except that here some of the characters from the original disappear and are replaced by new ones, while the girl who was involved with the protagonist in the first film gets a bigger part this time around. Again, the film pits a certain minority - in this case, American Indians - against a bigoted community. While the film's major asset has to be the over-the-top characterization of the hypocritical Reverend, there are almost as many belly laughs here as in the original. Scenes that particularly stand out are the 'Shakespeare v. Bible' quoting duel (even if it's kind of silly and out-of-character to have the boys involved in putting on a show of the Bard's work in the first place) and the individual come-uppance of the gang's various antagonists - the KKK (in the school gymnasium), the duplicitous board member (humiliated in a restaurant prior to re-election) and the aforementioned evangelist and his flock (at their own rally). P.S. Interestingly, co-writer Alan Ormsby had previously collaborated with Clark on his first two horror outings - CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS (1972; which I've never watched) and DEATHDREAM (1972)!

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