Portrait of a Lady on Fire


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raidatlanta 9 / 10 / 10

An example of what cinema should be

This film is an example of what cinema should be. Yes, the plot isn't so "thick", it's a rather slow film. Why I say this is what cinema should be, is because it has as it's base images. Its images speak louder than word ; you see what you have to know. Everyone involved with this picture seems to have done an astounding job - may it be through directing, the actresses, the set, the photography, the costumes - everything is astounding and very well done. When we saw this in theatres with my colleagues - mostly male -, we came out speechless. At the end of the film, there was a girl crying in the same row as I - the first time I see anyone crying to a movie (really crying from bing moved). With my colleagues, we walked out, and none of us spoke or said anything for at least 5-10 minutes, as we all obviously were affected by the nostalgic beauty that the picture captures. Finally someone broke the silence with the only thing that could break the spell - a banal exclamation "it was well done", as the only thing to be done after such a film is "a return to banality". This is a film I will gladly see again.

Reviewed by grab-it-gee 10 / 10 / 10

Review from a Lady on Fire

The ending of this film left me in tears, but the good kind where you simply emote from the pleasure of seeing a work of art. I had to figure out how to log back into my IMDb account, just to express my humble opinion for a moment. I had to give it a 10/10 because it filled me with the emotion described above -- the entire movie was pure, honest art. The acting was excellent, as well as the entire direction of the film, visually and otherwise. The film accomplished what it set out to do --share a love story worth remembering. In this case, a special romance that was expressed in the most succinct and captivating way. What may have cost this movie a star for others (looking at you, 9/10 people), I do not know. I just know that special feeling only certain movies give me after the first watch and this one had it.

Reviewed by danielnikrasov 10 / 10 / 10

The Inception of a Genius Female

I watched this film at the 36th Annual JFF (Jerusalem Film Festival) and it was worth it. First, before the review, I want to point out that the movie touched my heart very much. Every scene and scene is pure and very real. The characters in the movie were a revelation to me and I don't doubt that the cast of the two main actresses, as I will explain below, impressed me greatly. Without wasting time, we set off! * This Review does not include spoilers * Portrait of a Lady on Fire, directed by Céline Sciamma (Fascinating, by the way) is a period love drama that takes place in 18th century France, when Marianne (the impressive Noémie Merlant), a beautiful young painter, is hired to paint the portrait of Eloise (Adèle Haenel is a high-class revelation) for her upcoming wedding. However, Eloise is not interested in getting married, and therefore refuses to cooperate with the wedding preparations in general, and with the portrait painting in particular. Marianne decides to hide the fact that she is a painter and presents herself as a companion designed to stir Eloise's time. At the same time, she watches her day after day and paints her secretly. The film is a visual poetry, with a feast for the ears and eyes, each richly textured frame and unique sound design, overpowering the most immersive viewing experience, and I recommend watching cinema instead of sitting in front of a small screen on the comfy couch at home. Every theme in the movie about love and self-discovery of the characters is serious and powerful, the dialogues between the characters are very interesting and very honest. The atmosphere in the film is both realistic and clearly poetic. The relationship between the two main characters is exceptional and also helps build the character of the characters. Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel's cast are a revelation and don't see it every day, which makes me want to see them in more movies. Claire Methon's photography was very wonderful, reflecting the historical background of 18th century France. The ending left a mark on the film and this is one of the most amazing and exciting endings I've ever seen. Had the film been written and directed by someone else (even if it is a man or a woman), the film would have felt fake and pathetic, and the relationship between the characters would have been unreliable. Fortunately, here comes Sciamma, whose feminine perspective and innovative demeanor transform what could have been a time-lapse into the powerful power of art, the enhancement of feminist cinema and the empowerment of modern and early audiences. There were some notable interactions in the film that one, I think, hint at the end of the film, such as a discussion of the significance of the Orpheus and Orodice Greek myth debate. From this it can be concluded that Siama's passion and humanity shows that it is the director's unflattering vision that is her most poetic. Full of people wonder why the movie is named after that. The truth is, the movie has a lot of meaning. First and foremost, this refers to an actual portrait drawn by the main protagonist, Marianne, but he also cites the film as a cinematic study of the lady in question, Lewis, whose dress is on fire at one point, as if the love and passion she experienced towards Marianne made her shatter Spontaneously brooding. The film won the Best Screenplay Award and the Queer Palm Award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and it deserved to win at all costs. "Portrait of the Girl on Fire" is the most genuine and sincere artistic film I have seen in the past decade and in my opinion the most LBGT movie I have ever experienced. This movie is a must watch movie and not home, remember well.

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