Poseidon Rex


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Anne McDaniels as Stanley's Mistress / Sexy Model #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10 / 10

Poseidon Rex: 100% what you'd expect

Going into a movie called Poseidon Rex you'll have naturally low expectations, and right here I assure you they're met! It tells the story of a series of explosions that have awakened a dormant dinosaur, a "Poseidon Rex". Essentially it's a t-rex that can swim, and may I just begin by saying it looks ruddy awful. Starring terrible movie veteran Brian Krause we see our big ugly cgi beasty going on a rampage and a rag tag of people forced to stop it right up until an incredibly bad cliched finale. This is the kind of film that is constantly repeated on the Scyfy channel and why nobody takes that channel even remotely seriously anymore. The acting is terrible, the sfx are cringe inducing and the plot is about as original a the average slasher movie. True dire stuff. The Good: Meh The Bad: Awful cgi Some laughable acting Characters are stupidly unrealistic in their behaviour Creatures size isn't consistent Things I Learnt From This Movie: Seeing a dinosaur footprint in 2013 won't shock a person in the slightest If you find an egg of an unknown large creature, maybe leave it there?! Scientists are notorious for having beer in their labs fridge and drinking during experiments The creators clearly could only get the license for one single song!

Reviewed by tomlupton 9 / 10 / 10

Not as bad as people say it is

I found it a really fun dinosaur movie and I'm a fan of films like Sharknado 1, 2, 3, this film fits into the category of So bad it's good. I've seen worst dinosaur movies than this but I thought Poseidon Rex delivered plus I've seen worst CGI monsters in films but come on guys, its just a low budget dinosaur movie

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10 / 10

Much better than expected creature-feature

While working off the coast of Belize, a deep-sea diver unearths a giant prehistoric dinosaur and must team up with several locals to help put an end to the creature's rampage through the area.Frankly this one turned out a lot better than expected and had a lot going for it. One of the main aspects here is the fact that this one goes for a much-more involved action-packed storyline than expected which is quite fun here with that generating a drive throughout here to really get this one going. There's a lot of fun in the early attacks on the patrol-boats and the gangster's attack that are quite fun due to the lack of survivors for each that keeps the creature's initial appearance a shock from the heroes. That then makes the creature's appearance at the party-boat in front of the hordes of locals all that much fun by showing it in full- view and ready to attack the party-goers stuck there makes for a rather fun scene as it sets the stage for the film's two big highlights. The first encounter in the ocean which is the battle with the armed forces who attack it with patrol boats and guns is pretty exciting as the resulting carnage attracts it to land where it attacks the series of sea-side attractions and establishments while the second is a lengthy car-chase to try to get away from the creature while there's plenty of gunfire to keep it at bay, several attacks on the car itself to get at them and finally leads into the chase through the dense woodlands which has some chilling moments to try to prevent the creature from getting to them. These are all quite fun and manage to make for a rather enjoyable time here as this allows the film a nearly non-stop relentless pace to keep on going forward. Surprisingly, this also helps the fact that the creature itself, which is clearly modeled after a true dinosaur but endowed with features and characteristics that none known dinosaurs actually possessed, to look far better than expected here when the beast isn't running around like crazy as some of these shots are far better than expected and manage to let it look pretty convincing. Still, there's the ever-present flaw in many of these movies where the creature doesn't really mesh all that well with the CGI being glaring and apparent for the most part. There's very little true interaction with the surrounding elements when it's on land and comes off rather obvious during these segments. Likewise, the fact that this one seems to be a dinosaur that features sea-monster characteristics, from the tail- webbing and spiked hands that were never a part of any dinosaurs' anatomy does make it odd about what the creature actually is or how it survived since there's nothing given about that aspect, but overall this one was quite a bit of fun. Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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