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Adrien Brody as Danny Hemmerling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicolasmarinus 9 / 10 / 10

Finally a worthy sequel to a great original

It's clear they had a real long look at the original film and decided to keep the best pieces (the tension, the focus on group interaction, the music) but also try new things with it to attain the same feel of mystery the original was so good at. The visuals are gorgeous, the acting solid, the writing exciting. And what I really love is the fact that there is very little use of CGI. What little there is, is convincing or subtle. Laurence Fishburn's appearance was a complete surprise to me and I loved his character. Though it reminded me a bit of Pandorum. Like Sade said: "Never as good as the first time," but still a very well-crafted film.

Reviewed by rambofanlife-41678 7 / 10 / 10

Not as bad as people are saying It is good on his own way

Predators (2010) is not a bad sequel like reviewers stated on YouTube ranted this movie and put it down. Because imitates the first Predator movie, because Adrian Brody is not believable hero. I disagree with haters so much. Predators is a good movie it is not better than the original Predator but I enjoy it, I like it very much. Doesn't love like I love the first movie but I like it a lot I think it is a good movie and a true sequel to the original. I know everyone has their opinion and some people hate this film. I don't hate I never did. This is a such a good misunderstood action movie. I would say it is better than Predator 2 go ahead put me down for saying that but I have enjoy the film much more. The score in my opinion get's an 8, some people put Hard Boiled (1992) John Woo's action an 8 in fact it is a 10. I gave Predators 8 because there was ton's of action in the film I liked. A lot of people put this movie down a lot of people choose Predator 2 over this film. I have enjoy the film more. It is not the ultimate best film ever but still not a bad one I disagree. It is a good action movie but it has it's flaws. This film returns to the original Predator format, and borrows heavily from the first 1987 Predator film. Some scenes were really imitated from the first film but I have really enjoy it and I though it was an okay for an action sci-fi film. The premise is the first thing you see characters falling from the sky falling down in this forest and they don't know each other and what they doing here, how they get there. I like that in the movie. I like this group of people find them self on a different planet in the remote of jungle. They are all different mercenaries from all over the world. They are ruthless killers who are been hunted by three "predators" every season. Royce, a mercenary try's to survive on a strapped island with unknown team of mercenaries. I like that the movie is different from the first film it doesn't copy the second one. I love that they use jungles in this movie and I like the design for Predators by Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero. They were faithful to the original Stan Winston design of the original Predator. You have 4 predators in this movie: "Classic Predator" (Derek Mears), "Tracker Predator" (Carey Jones ), "Falconer Predator", and "Berserker Predator (Brian Steele). Predators stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, and Laurence Fishburne and is directed by Nimród Antal who directed well done and Robert Rodriguez produced the film. The 2010 sequel stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who finds himself stranded on a strange planet along with seven other human 'predators'. Adrien Brody did a good job playing a mercenary Royce and I thought he was good not better than Arnold Schwarzenegger but really damn good as a hero. Topher Grace is really good from Spider-Man 3 when he heard that Predator 2 was a flop and disappointment he signed to make this movie. I respect Topher Grace so much. The pacing was good and interesting. Alice Braga as Isabelle, a sniper from the Israel Defense Force is a good in her role. This movie is a fun thriller ride and I am going to judge it as a stand up action alone movie. This movie simply ignores the second film and both AVP movies. I have a soft spot for this film. I liked in which the party is attacked by a pack of quadruped alien beasts I like that. I think they actually took that scene from Southern Comfort in which an army was attacked by hunters dogs in this movie the group is attacked by alien beasts looks like dogs. There is a lot of fire power in this movie actor Oleg Taktarov uses Mini gun like in the first film and I have still enjoy it. Laurence Fishburne is in this movie as Noland and I do not like this guy in this movie. I like the music score for this film by Composer - John Debney and it is not different it exactly score that Alan Silvestri did for the first film. Long Tall Sally by Little Richard is also played on the end of credits. I like Predator VS Predator I like that in the movies, so I think it is a damn good action movie. P

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10 / 10

Exciting and thrilling motion picture in which a varied group must fight evil aliens in a dangerous jungle

Moving Sci-Fi film with plenty of action , chills , thrills and resulting to be pretty entertaining ; including some resemblances to original film . It deals with a group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators . They are Royce (Adrien Brody , Nimród Antal specifically chose him for the main protagonist); the Israeli soldier Isabelle (Alice Braga , she is the third brunette actress who appears in the "Predator" series, following Elpidia Carrillo and Maria Conchita Alonso) ; the Chechenian soldier Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov , who hit his face on a Steadicam camera and started bleeding , he insisted that filming continued to add effect to the scene); the San Quentin criminal Stans (Walton Goggins who along with other actors did their own stunts in the cliff fall scene); the Serra Leoa militia Mombasa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali); the drug lord Cuchillo (Danny Trejo , Robert Rodriguez's usual); the Yakuza Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien); and the Doctor Edwin (Topher Grace) awake and they encounter an alien force that begin to attack one by one . The group has to confront nearly invisible aliens , even over an eight-foot-tall with an armoury of sophisticated weapons that tear apart . As aliens dispatch comrades before the impressive final showdown . This nail-biting picture contains action-packed from start to finish , gory scenes aplenty , thrills , emotion and entertainment . Action movie told in terms of jungle warfare in which a misfit bunch formed by strange roles battle malicious extraterrestrials . This is a brutal , violent and exciting sci-fi thriller that scales new heights of savagery even by the standards of previous Predator films . The result is a throughly violent but undeniably thrilling action movie with a strong cast giving sweatily good value to their abrasive characters . The ending part is particularly exciting stuff though it makes no great sense . Excellent makeup by professional experts , Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger , and magnificent FX , especially the semi-invisibility which is very well realized . Thrilling and suspenseful musical score by John Debney (Sin City) ; Debney was quoted as saying that his score will be influenced by Silvestri's original score for the 1987 film . In fact , the final credit is heard the classical soundtrack by Alan Silvestri from Predator I . Colorful cinematography but sometimes dark , although all the main locations were filmed in Hawaii, 60% of the movie was shot in Texas in order to be eligible for a tax benefit . The motion picture shot in 53 days was well directed by Nimrod Antal though Neil Marshall, Michael J. Bassett, Bill Duke, Marcus Nispel, Peter Berg and Darren Lynn Bousman were considered to direct the film. In the end, Nimród Antal was hired because Robert Rodriguez enjoyed Antal's earlier films ¨Kontroll¨ and ¨Vacancy¨ . Other film about Predator series are the following : The original and the best ¨Predator¨ (1987) in which Arnold leads a team of CIA-hired mercenaries into the Central American jungles , being filmed by John McTiernan with Arnold Schwarzanegger , Jesse Ventura , Bill Duke , R.G. Armstrong , Carl Weathers ; ¨Predator 2¨(1990) in which the alien has inexplicably returned to L.A , being directed by Stephen Hopkins with Danny Glover , Bill Paxton , Ruben Blades , Maria Conchita Alonso and Gary Busey . Furthermore, ¨Alien vs. Predator¨ (2004) by Paul Anderson with Sanaa Lathan , Raoul Bova , Lance Henriksen , Colin Salmon , Tommy Flannagan and ¨Aliens vs. Predator 2¨ (2007) by Strause Brothers with Steven Pasquale , Reiko Aylesworth , John Ortiz , Johnny Lewis and Robert Joy .

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