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Casper Van Dien as Bart Parker
Catherine Oxenberg as Dr. Elsa Reinhardt
Colin Lawrence as Hanley
David Palffy as Nazir
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 6 / 10 / 10

Casper Van Dien In... "The Dead Zone"! oops... I mean "The Psychic"

"Premonition" or "The Psychic" is a decent thriller. It's basically a variation on "The Dead Zone". Instead of Walken it's Casper Van Dien. Van Dien plays Jack Barnes, a cop who gets killed in the line of duty. He's brought back to life and now he see visions of disasters. These visions somehow connect to a terrorist group. Casper puts in a good performance. Everybody else is mediocre. The action scenes are well-filmed, but the special effects are cheesy. The helicopters and explosion at the end of the film looked too fake. In the end: It's definitely not a bad film, if you watch it with low expectations. For more insanity, please visit:

Reviewed by bakerunion 3 / 10 / 10

pitiful; hopefully only cost $50,000 to produce

a nuclear terrorist plot behind a back-from-the-dead-visions wrapper; terrible acting with one of those casts consisting of no one you have ever seen before other than the top 2 or 3 folks in the billing; no reality to the actions of the actors in the plot, with the FBI not bothering to follow up on any clues or taking seriously any information given them; the wife limited to a long series of "Oh, Jack.." lines; the kid existing for the sole purpose of being put in danger at just the right moment;a Grade C made-for-2am effort; unlike some bad movies, you realize from the very beginning that this will never start to become interesting; you have to wonder why they bothered with this.

Reviewed by 68461 3 / 10 / 10

factual errors - dirty bomb

Bottomline: The terrorists would have died before they could have walked 5 feet with the radioactive material they stole. Information on the source was Cobalt 60 1100 Ci/g 890 g, alpha, gamma. 1st off Cobalt 60 is a beta gamma emitter. It does not decay by alpha emission. They got the specific radioactivity right (1100 Ci/g)but that's about it. The following data is provided to show that anyone near the suitcase would have died in short order: 1100 Ci/g X 890 g = 979000 Ci X Gamma Constant 1.32 Rm2/hrCi = 1292280 R/hr @ 1 m = 21538 R/min @ 1 m = 359 R/sec @ 1 m all exposure rates unshielded Maximum survivable exposure is 1000 R (roentgens). Therefore, a 3 second exposure at 1 meter from this source would be lethal. If the carrying case was lined using 1.57" thick lead sheet (unlikely based on the apparent ease of handling demonstrated) the exposure rate would be reduced to 1/10th. With this assumption it would take 30 seconds of exposure at 1 meter to be lethal. Sources used for sterilization are stored in large pools under stringent access controls which include interlocks, visual and audible alarms and failsafe devices. Postings for the room would not be the jolly rogers and a single radioactive material sign shown. There would be elaborate postings including a "Grave Danger, Very High Radiation Area" and "Danger Radioactive Materials" signs on the door. Signs are yellow with either black or magenta trefoils and lettering, not red and black. I'm a radiation protection specialist

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