Presence of Mind


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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March 21, 2020



Harvey Keitel as Jerry
Jude Law as Alfie
Lauren Bacall as Mrs. Cranston
Sadie Frost as Jean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by javik70 6 / 10 / 10

not 'the innocents' but a good one

This movie is a good adaptation of the novel by henry james 'turn of the screw', thought it is not as scary and intense as the best adaptation of this novel 'the innocents'. First of all, it is quite surprising that this film is the first work of the director antoni aloy, and he managed to cast lauren bacall, harvey keitel and sadie frost, who all develope a correct performance. but ironically all these great actors can't fight with the kids, who act in a perfect way. the direction is quite correct and the cinematography and music are great. unfortunately due to economic problems this film hasn't been released in almost any country, just in spain in a few screens and it hasn't get the recognition it deserves.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Acceptable and luxurious Spanish renditíon based on the vintage novel The turn of the Screw by Henry James

This known story deals with a governess played by Sadie Frost, who is assigned to care at a far mansion two children named Miles : Nilo Mur or Nilo Zimmerman , and his younger sister Flora : Ella Jones . She is hired by the uncle, the Master : Harvey Keitel, of the neglected kids. There is also a house keeper : Lauren Bacall , who knows about the past of the kiddies and the sinister mansion. As their souls have been possessed by dark forces . Then , there appears two creepy ghosts , Fosc : Agustín Villaronga and Jessel : Danica, the former and deceased workers who are corrupting the strange and innocent siblings. Yet another renditíon full of chilling, and mysterious happenings about two brothers possessed by a sinister and uninamaginable evil . Being based on Henry James classic novel, including drama , tension , intrigue and frightening elements . It packs a lot of suspense, adequate suggestion and terror incidents. The film displays glamorous costumes by the prestigious and Oscarized designer Ivonne Blake as well as gorgeous cinematography by David Carretero and splendid interior and exteriors, being shot on location in island of Majorca . Furthermore , an eerie and suspenseful musical score by Angel Illaramendi . This academic and decent motion picture was well produced by Enrique Cerezo, Gil Carretero and professionally directed by Antonio Eloi. This is his only film, previously directed shorts and wrote the film El Mar directed by Agusti Villaronga who here plays a feared role as Fosc. Other adaptations about The turn of Screw are the following ones : the best and classic The innocents 1961 by Jack Clayton with Deborah Kerr , Pamela Franklyn , Martin Stephens . A prequel titled Nightcomers 1971 by Michael Winner with Marlon Brando, Stephanie Beacham, Harry Andrews. Turn of the Screw 1974 by Dan Curtis with Lynn Redgrave, Eva Griffith . Otra vuelta de tuerca 1985 by Eloy de la Iglesia with Pedro Maria Sanchez, Queta Claver. Turn of the Screw 1989 by Graeme Clifford with Amy Irving , David Hemmings. 1992 version by Rusty Lemorande with Patsy Kensit , Julian Sands , Stephanie Audran . 1999 remake by Ben Bolt with Jodhi May , Pam Ferris , Colin Firth .

Reviewed by panchita_jones 8 / 10 / 10

A stunning re-adaptation of a Henry James classic.

I had the privilege to watch the world premiere screening of this film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It is a visually stunning film that draws you in from the very beginning. This first-time director from Mallorca, Spain, was fortunate to have two powerful actors in his film - Harvey Keitel and Lauren Bacall - and used them both superbly. Bacall's performance was the most impressive as well as the rich costumes and set designs. Nilo Mur, in the role of Miles, was the surprise enchantment of the film. Don't miss it!

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