Pretty Smart


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ftpa1 10 / 10 / 10

My favorite B-rated 80's T&A movie! I love it!

This is totally my favorite B-rated T&A 80's movie! I STILL use some of the quotes from this movie...the "party grinds...still play twister!" line is classic! I can go on and on about the number of times I've just popped it in and watched it just to pass time. It was a cheap 80's tit-flick but hey, it was fun. I've actually used the "A rose? BUD?" on someone. Another classic line. Plus, look at all the people from this movie who went on to be stars! Joely Fisher...Patricia Arquette...even Tricia Leigh Fisher did some work after doing this one. I remember hearing a song of hers on the radio once. It didn't last long but it was there! I thoroughly enjoy this movie every time I watch it.

Reviewed by lightninrod2238 7 / 10 / 10

Not as good as I remember since it has been edited

I remember staying up until 2 in the morning to watch this one on Cinemax after dark. Had to wait for the parents to go to bed before I would chance watching it. It had some moments of humor and a few TnA shots. The one line I remember the most and the reason I bought this on VHS was for the comment right before the tennis match where Zigs says to one of the prep boys regarding her sister, "We are thinking about having her spayed." Unfortunately in the copy I bought this line has been edited out with about 15 minutes or so of other scenes that I remember. Really unfortunate, wonder why anyone would do that? I think that the unedited version that I saw had quite a few more laugh lines as well as most of the nudity. Guess that the censors were working overtime on this one. Oh well.

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 7 / 10 / 10

Crawley, Crawley, Crawley...!

Ogling the girls at Ogilvy... I don't care what the negative reviewers say of it, I liked it. Especially remembered for the come-uppance Crawley gets coming to him at the end when the girls chant "Crawley, Crawley, Crawley", evoking images of relentless persecution. I had a tough time finding it on DVD years ago, the search went on for very, very long. It was years since I had first seen it, and the movie was different from what I remembered, but I was just relieved to finally own it in a proper way. VHS sucks! A feast for 80s fans. The look is very, very 80s (well, duh! of course! and you can't get any better than the real thing) in a good way. Download the trailer on VuClip for a quick sneak peek. Maybe the negative voices are from viewers who were offended? Hidden cameras and a stash of sneaked videotaped indiscretions are bound to anger the prudes out there. People, it's all just a lot of fun, lighten up! Consider it a little jewel from the Late Eighties.

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