Pride and Glory


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Colin Farrell as Arturo Bandini
Edward Norton as Sheldon Mopes / Smoochy the Rhino
Jennifer Ehle as Valerie Sonnenschein
Lake Bell as Chloe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10 / 10

Cop Drama

Outstanding cop thriller movie full of suspense, grittiness, action, drama and gut punch delivered excellently by a stellar cast who makes it seem so real that you accept it as it unfolds. Cop movies that are done right come across raw and ready which is the case here. We are also introduced to the dark side of being a cop, a very thin line divides the good from the bad and that line hammers away trying to get you to cross it. Some cops handle it better than others and some make the mistake and come back but there are those that lose the way back and this movie covers the subject quite well. The power that police possess is formidable. It just doesn't start or end with them but reaches out into the court systems and literally can affect your life for the good or the bad depending on how you respond and of course how they respond to you. We learn what all men learn during this brief earthly journey and that is there is no place to hide from ones own conscience and it has been tried over the centuries. It remains impossible to do unless one repents (changes) and begins anew. The movie covers that well too. A dirty cop is shown no mercy by anyone starting with the public, then to good cops and finally the courts so going bad is not good and never works out. The problem is with anything forbidden, it becomes thrilling, exciting and like a drug and after a while what you got into gets into you and owns you. The movie covers this too. Good movie to snack with and you will need something to keep your fingers busy or you will chew nails at a couple points. Better to chew popcorn or sunflower seeds. Include a tasty drink. Well done to all on this movie. BTW...the ending is submitted and makes for good discussion should you choose too

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 7 / 10 / 10

Another forgettable, Police corruption thriller that has nothing going for it beyond a solid performance from Edward Norton.

(Originally reviewed: 13/03/2017) What could have been a serviceable police corruption drama; ended up as a forgettable, clichéd picture with a truly laughably bad last quarter of an hour. The picture is all too familiar with its crooked cops theme, but as well as being fairly predictable until the end, there is a lack of substance; but however there are things I liked and there are some good moments which include Gavin O'Connor's direction's which is fairly decent. Edward Norton (Ray Tierney) play's an honest cop with a bad past; he re-joins the big boy work; as missing persons is allegedly not worth his class, which is said by his father played by Jon Voight, who is higher up in the police chain and has an embarrassingly cringe-worthily sequence where he is drunk at a Christmas family gathering and rambles on spurting some cheesy dialogue and making the other people at the table rather uncomfortable; clearly not a good idea; but the screenwriters thought otherwise; Ray's good friend, also an officer played by Colin Farrell (Jimmy Egan) is the dirty cop and his corruption knows no bounds; which will likely disgust viewers as it did myself seeing him hold an iron to a baby's head; which is crass, over the top and in bad taste. Noah Emmerich (Francis Tierney) is Ray's brother and is also involved in this corruption and though he says he has never talk a dime; he's pretty much part of it, as he's happy to help cover up there debauchery and he overacts rather badly in key scenes; always shouting, and overplaying scenes that do not require such a presence and other corrupt cop's include John Ortiz who play's Ruben Santiago, a cop who at least acknowledges what he has done and is ashamed of it, and isn't too bad but then there's Shea Whigham who plays a similar scumbag to Farrell's character and is not really that compelling and just like the rest of the corrupt officer's, but at least Farrell doesn't embarrass himself in every sequence, just most. Norton; the honest man, gives the best performance, extremely solid with his emotions and calmness and tries to make the story more compelling than it actually is and there are some actresses that are watchable like Lake Bell (Megan Egan) and Jennifer Ehle as Abby Tierney; however not sure why they needed to involve a cancer theme where one of the corrupt officers wives is dying and it uses plenty of melodramatics to try and justify their corruption which was well and truly a desperate tactic on behalf of the writers. There's awful dialogue too, such as Farrell's character trying to act tough and says to a fellow criminal "I'll come back, kill you, f**k your wife and kill the kid; which will have anyone hoping that someone shoots him before he does and there's gritty and unpleasant; this picture has both but more of an unpleasant feel which is one of its many problems. Sure there's some decent dialogue like a quote from Voight who say's "40 years of stuff like this happening, we keep the rage and lose everything else" which went something along those lines, and during the first 45 minutes or so it's decent for the most part, but everything after goes on a downhill slide, which leads me to the horrible conclusion where one cop, kills a clerk because he's broke and when the situation doesn't go as planned, the other cop run's in and shoot's an innocent man and holds the clerk hostage which was so silly and pathetic it had me hoping for the finish. Then Norton's character who finds out what's happened drive's down to the incident, takes a detour to a bar where Farrell is and tells him to drop his gun, an Irish instrumental song comes on, kind of an insult considering the Irish nationals on screen and they start a fist fight that becomes laughably horrendous, and then after cuffing him, they go outside and you have your usual cliché; the thug who's child he threatened earlier has a gang out there, for which you can guess the ending, and it's a stupid, pointless sequence which only made me dislike this picture even more; Pride and Glory is formulaic, the tone and the look may be appropriate but it's constant clichés, unpleasantness and atrocious finale get the better of it's; this is a forgettable police thriller and a bad one at that.

Reviewed by 2karl- 7 / 10 / 10

brother against brother in a house divided cashing out justifying the means to push the limits of a sell out disloyal cop

Director:Gavin O'Connor of Pride and Glory came out in 2008 I gave it 7/10 as it's a real gritty crime drama and thriller in 2hrs 10mins of a dirty family cops thriller a tense a dynamite truth honor loyalty family what are you willing to sacrifice tense relentless and gripping four cops two dead two likely an nypd drug bust gone horribly wrong and dectecives ray tierney heads the investigation task force he already has ties to the case his brother was commander of the ambushed officers his brother in law a fellow officer often partnered with them the more ray uncovers the more those family ties are tested and more the fraternal order starts to fray this gritty tension packed tale of multi generational family of cops facing hard realities It's brother Francis's precinct, so when the investigation led by brother Ray finds hints of police corruption, there's pressure to close ranks and save Frankie's career and tough choices set and filmed in Manhattan Washington heights pride and glory draws you in to a gripping raw real world and into a house divided A family's moral codes are tested when Ray Tierney investigates a case that reveals an incendiary police corruption scandal involving his own brother-in-law. For Ray, the truth is revelatory, a Pandora's Box that threatens to upend not only the Tierney legacy but the entire NYPD. A family of police officers - patriarch, two sons, and a son-in-law - deals with corruption in a precinct in Washington Heights.. Dad, a police brass, promises Ray that he and Frankie can clean things up, and Ray should focus on catching the drug dealer who killed the cops. Meanwhile, brother-in-law Jimmy, a hothead and an enforcer, is visited at home by a lowlife. Is Jimmy involved in the corruption? Where can this take the The last thing you want to the truth. , Ray Tierney is asked by his father to be part of the task force dedicated to finding out who it was who killed one of their own. Ray agrees as the unit affected is led by his brother Francis and includes his brother-in-law Jimmy. With Ray searching the streets for the truth, Francis already knows more than him as his men are involved in activities outside the law, using their roles within the police as cover great cast so good supporting roles as well as Colin Farrell ... Jimmy Egan Edward Norton ... Ray Tierney Jon Voight ... Francis Tierney, Sr. Noah Emmerich ... Francis Tierney, Jr. Jennifer Ehle ... Abby TierneyJohn Ortiz ... Ruben Santiago Frank Grillo ... Eddie Carbone Shea Whigham ... Kenny Dugan Lake Bell ... Megan Egan .one looks for in furniture rather than films. Thankfully the film doesn't keep the "corruption" in the cupboard for very long because to suggest it is a mystery would be an insult to the viewer, who can pretty much see where the film is heading about 90 minutes before it gets there. With many stories it is hard to plough a new furrow so one does find that often films have a familiar narrative and that this is not a problem. The thing is to draw the viewer in despite having seen it before or perhaps knowing where it is going – make them hope for different, make them care about the characters you put the fact that this is a film with an ending to the back of your mind. Pride and Glory doesn't manage to do this though and it surprised me considering the actors involved. The problem is not really with them though but with the material, which has too many characters but too little development of them. Norton seems a bit lost in this but still does turn in a solid performance. Likewise Farrell is good and it only further highlights effort there is working off individual's and together. Voight and Emmerich add to the tension trying to be the gel to keep a family together they have good script material to really do good work with here,

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