Prison Break: The Final Break


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Lori Petty as Deputy Fryman
Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
William Fichtner as Ed Jacomoi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by futuretraveler 10 / 10 / 10

Breathtaking, excellent ending for Prison Break!

If you were disappointed by the original series finale, then this is PERFECT FOR YOU! These two episodes are on such a high emotional level that it reminded me so much of the first two seasons. I think they should have skipped the flashforward at the end of season 4 and added it instead at the end of "The Final Break". The last scene brought tears in my eyes. Good writing and a great ending for Prison Break. Especially the acting and music were really amazing, the chemistry is as good as always! I thought Season 4 started on a high note but ended very weak, but this MAKES UP FOR IT! BUY IT! Greetings from Germany!

Reviewed by Tss5078 9 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! -

For 4 years, Prison Break was the smartest, grittiest, best casted, and best written show on Television. While badly harmed by the 2007 writers strike and low ratings, this show never did get the recognition it deserved. When Paul Scheuring created the show, he wrote a story he'd planned to last six season, however in the middle of season 4, he pulled the plug. Scheuring decided that the show had become a farce of itself and would not longer continue. In the final 15 minutes of the last episode of season 4, they jumped ahead 3 years to the ending Scheuring had originally envisioned, and it left fans with millions of unanswered questions. They were outraged and besieged the network with letters. The result, the events of a hypothetical season 6 were condensed into a 90 minute movie. The movie was a return to the shows beginnings and was terrific! While season 4 did get stupid, this would have been a fantastic season and an amazing way to end the show. Of course when you condense 24 episodes into an hour and a half, it's going to be rushed and have holes, but they do a nice job of trying to explain everything and ultimately do give the fans the closure they desired. This was the smartest show I've ever seen and no matter what this cast does for the rest of their careers, it will never compare to the incredible job they did on this show and in this movie.

Reviewed by grayadd 9 / 10 / 10

"it is gratifying to see Prison Break go out as solidly as it came in."

I thought it would be impossible for Prison Break to ever match the greatness of its first season, and I was unexpectedly proved wrong by the last two episodes of the series. The Final Break is a self contained story that both Prison Break fans and first time viewers will enjoy. The story immediately dives into a scenario where all odds are against Sara and Michael. Although, a lot of what happens in The Final Break is very ridiculous and mostly likely will never happen it's still the same ridiculousness the show is based on and that is why we love it. Sara is charged with murder and ends up placed in a prison because the jail is full. The guards know what Sara did back in Fox River so of course they beat her up and make things more difficult for her. A bounty is set on Sara by the General to get back at Michael. And if that's not enough Sara has to deal with a gang of women in the prison as well as Gretchen who is after the bounty as well. Knowing that Sara's chance of surviving decreases with every minute, Michael has to get her out of prison as fast as possible. Not only is the pressure on Michael to breakout Sara faster than any other breakout, but also the government is watching his every step. This really could not get more intense! The end is very bittersweet. Michael makes the ultimate sacrifice and leaves a video for Lincoln and Sara. He ends up sacrificing himself to free the people he loves. Now that's what I call a great freaking ending to a series! Although this really could have been a whole series in itself, I'm glad it was done in just two episodes. I don't remember the last time I was kept on the edge of my seat for an entire episode or even two! Bravo to the writers/creators/producer of Prison Break! And thank you for ending the show as solidly as it started!

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