Prisoner X


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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August 12, 2020



Damon Runyan as Charles
Julian Richings as Jefferson
Michelle Nolden as Carmen
Romano Orzari as Prisoner X / Ramiro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HoLeeChit 5 / 10 / 10

A notch or 2 above your typical SyFy channel original movie

The best way to describe this movie would be if you took an average episode of The Outer Limits TV series (1995–2002) or the remade Twilight Zone TV series (1985–1989, 2002-2003), and extended it to a 2- hour format. Sometimes time-travel movies are overly convoluted as a way to come off as original or smart, but Prisoner X handles it in a very straightforward manner. The actors are unknown, but the majority do a good job. The story is creative, and the budget is high enough to provide believable sets and decent props without looking like something you'd see on MST3K. Some of the scenes felt rushed, so better editing plus cutting out unnecessary side stories would have allowed other scenes to be extended. You'll be disappointed if you expect a Michael Bay pew-pew fest or a Hollywood action/thriller film. It's definitely a notch or 2 above a typical SyFy channel original movie though. Overall, Prisoner X is a good way to kill a few hours of boredom.

Reviewed by CmdrCody 10 / 10 / 10

A nifty sci-fi movie, a unknown gem, give it a watch

A lesser-known movie with unknown actors but the premise really put the hook in me. After watching the movie for five minutes, I was is this going? I won't get into the plot except to say that after watching and thinking about the film, I began to appreciate the little bits of logic interwoven into the narrative. There are things left unexplained including the implications of the ending, but the screenwriter leaves that up to you. I haven't told you much about the plot to let you experience it as I did: no prior information. If like well-written sci-fi, give PrisonerX a watch. Obviously, I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by mikejallen79 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent film...

Yes, it's low budget. No, you probably don't know any of the actors... But... This is a fantastic sci-fi film that will keep you guessing, keep you entertained and even give you some ideas to think about. It's well paced, edgy and claustrophobic with an excellent story line. The actors work hard and work well together. No, it won't win any Oscars for anything but it will win your appreciation, of that I am sure.

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