Prom Night


Horror / Mystery

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April 29, 2019


Brittany Snow as Balery
Idris Elba as Kimborough
Jessalyn Gilsig as Andrea
Ming-Na Wen as Esteemed Guest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 1 / 10 / 10

This film is a steamy pile of trash.

When I first watch I thought I'm going to like it but the killer in this film is not smart like he wear a baseball cap instead of a mask for getting revenge on the protagonist like he's just dumb. This film is not even a reboot I heard like if your going to make a movie then don't call it the same name from the popular film. Like you can't call a alien film Alien because that tittle was taken. If I was a creator of this film I'll fix the script, get new crew of actors, and make the people in the film SMART!!

Reviewed by marsmitchell79 4 / 10 / 10

The main problem with this movie is that Steven King had nothing to do with it! Misery has its CRITICAL problems, too, but I wonder how people rate that?!

One problem for this movie in my opinion is the wild body placements: a loft or a car trunk on the outside?! It's possible that he could have gotten outside with a body--if he was clandestine enough; there is a network of stairs and police were busy guarding the prom and extra security was on Donna. Second entrances should be accounted for always(IT'S STANDARD OP FOR A ROACH OR RAT TO OPERATE WHERE PEOPLE WILL NOT LOOK AND A COP SHOULD THINK LIKE A CRIMINAL IN ORDER TO GET HIM), but sometimes they get overlooked. The loft's kind of iffy; they should have lost that, because that would mean getting blood on the carpet and for him to be a major bodybuilder: he didn't look like the type! Why go through the trouble of doing those 2 things when there's space under the bed. What hotel has one of those anyway?! The other one would be how the bodies kept conveniently popping up out of nowhere as the cops or Donna was passing by from the hiding space that the killer hid them WITHOUT REASON! I don't have problem with Donna's lack of emotion; she's lost her family and probably having post traumatic stress over this guy since; her emotions and emotional states are maybe beyond repair outside of divine intervention! Misery has bigger problem than this movie and I'm sure it got a pass; after all, Stephen King was behind that! Problems with Misery: 1. Him rolling around in a wheelchair as he did when Wilkes was probably going to be back within an hour or sooner! We have lived in a rural setting all my life and it took us about 20 minutes to go to the store at most no matter where we have lived at. So, he did not have all that time to go lazily through the house. 2. Then, he had stolen the pills; I accept that, but the knife?! And Paul didn't think repercussions were coming when his nurse had a medical chest full of things to do to him and could implement them whenever she wanted?! 3. Also, why would Paul have to write Misery back to life, if Annie burned his manuscript that never got published? THESE ARE 3 CRITICAL ERRORS THAT DOOM THAT MOVIE FROM BEING COMPLETED! To me, Prom Night has small errors compared to that classic!

Reviewed by captaincameron 4 / 10 / 10

Rated B, for B*$ch don't waste your time

I try not to put spoilers in, but always check the box in case I slip up. The original Prom Night was a classic--early dead teenager movie that helped set the standard. And sure, this is not so much a remake as a re-imagining, so there can be some leeway. But 45 minutes in, you will find yourself strongly disliking Brittany Snow. By the hour point, Gandhi would be hitting her in the head with buckets of salt. You really, really start to root for the killer. And not just because of how irritating she is. Inept police, friends with no clue, boyfriend who feels so strongly about protecting his girlfriend that he decides to do so by sleeping. It is not the worst movie ever made. The music is good, and the cast is pretty. But if you are looking for a quality horror flick, you might as well rent one of the Herbie The Love Bug movies. Really.

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