Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings


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Andrew Robinson as Pat Reavis
Caren Kaye as Sheila Daniels
Hill Harper as Noah
J.P. Manoux as Cigrit
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Reviewed by insomniac_rod 6 / 10 / 10

Attack of the not necessary sequels!

This is a worthy sequel to the cult classic from the 80's "Pumpkinhead". Sadly, the movie improves in little aspects in comparison to the original. This time, the f/x is very cheesy but it's okay for B-movie standards. The Pumpkinhead demon looks extremely cheesy and scary it's the lesser thing about it. But surprisingly, it works for the movie. The plot is actually interesting and has potential but it's just not executed correctly. The invocation, the ritual are good scenes and may be the best feature about the movie. When the snob guys whacks the head of the witch is also a good scene in the movie. Anyways, if you are an avid lover (like me) of the 90's un necessary sequels, watch "Blood Wings" and buy popcorn. This is cheesy entertainment in Horror.

Reviewed by MWNiese 5 / 10 / 10

Filmed in 3 Weeks For Under $1,000,000!

*****Five Out of Ten Stars***** Considering this film was made in three weeks, it's not all that bad. It's a strange film; there are quality experienced actors combined with unprofessional actors. Robinson and Edmond's acting talents are wasted on this rushed production. The original director bailed out of the project at the last minute and they had a difficult time finding other qualified director's to pick it up. Jeff Burr accepted the directors role reluctantly, I think, at the last minute. The plot just isn't faithful to the original, which is a big let down. The script isn't bad but is totally hammed up by a number of unprofessional actors. You can feel Robinson's frustration in some scenes as he contends with acting counterparts with no talent. The special effects are decent enough, if not slightly behind, considering this was made in 1993 and 1994. Even though I was thoroughly disappointed in the handling of this sequel, I do own it on DVD. My love for the original PH keeps me faithful to this one and the third segment, but definitely not the fourth installment, "Blood Feud". It's a shame one of the major movie studios didn't try to do more with this franchise. The pumpkin head monster could've been used more effectively than it was used in the sequels. Perhaps one of the main studios could've picked the pumpkin head idea up and released several sequels around Halloween. Why Sci-Fi got involved in this franchise, I'll never know? But once Sci-Fi gets involved in any project, the project is destined for the "straight to DVD" category. P.H. II is a brainless ride that should be taken for what it's worth: A rushed production, made for under $1,000,000, that no one really seemed to care a whole lot about. A better plot more faithful to the original, better acting, and a slower production pace would've gone a long way in producing a sequel worthy of the original. Take a whirl on "Blood Wings" if you're a die hard PH fan, if your not, you'll have issues with it.

Reviewed by andypowell-2 5 / 10 / 10

pleasantly surprised

while easily falling into the category of b-horror, this isn't nearly as horrible as i expected. after reading MANY reviews on IMDb and elsewhere that were scathingly negative about this sequel, i figured i'd try it out since i enjoy the original (and lance henriksen) and of course...i had to see if the bad reviews were accurate. very fortunately (and heres the upside to going in with low expectations) this film pleasantly surprised me...not as good as the original, not incredibly connected to the original, however, it does what it sets out to do quite well. as far as the pumpkinhead sequels go..this is the one to check out. i wish i had anything complimentary to say about volume III in this series...however...that's pure crap, stay away..and what a waste of both lance henriksen and doug bradley... but i digress. blood wings isn't a great movie my any means, but fan of horror know that you must judge horror movies far differently from films outside the genre... and as far as horror movies go, i find this to be extremely underrated. but tastes are like ***holes so... give it a whirl and post your own

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