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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shujayk 8 / 10 / 10

Simply Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEIN PUNJAB NAHIN JAON GEE…………. (8.0/10) is not one of those usual romantic films. The clash of cultures, the widening gap between parents and kids, MPNJG tackles it all. At the same time, it evokes some serious feelings at vital points in the story. The movie from its first scene till end is a sure cinematic beauty , as for as camera work is concerned. A top notch cinematography captures a outclass beauty of PUNJAB. Story on the front look seems to be a light comedy but underneath the skin of comics some real story unfolds explaining some very serious issue of our culture in a light but also in a serious manner. The story is about HS and MH, where HS is a typical feudal lord of Punjab while MH , cousin is a western oriented girl comes from London after completing her study. Two distinct cultures having their own flavors come together with a twist. Entry of Wasay in the movie makes story interesting . Apart of great camera work , dialogues also stands out, some serious lines along with some taunting comics really creates a nice combo for any movie goer. After JPNA , Humayun Saeed along with the director Nadeem Baig has done another marvelous job. Both of them needs a pat on their backs. Good music , nice story and a serious message definitely makes MPNJG one of the finest movies from south Asia. From acting everyone delivers a great performance. HS does really proves his acting skills , MH well really a great actor she is, Hurwa Hoccane also plays her role very well, Azfar Rehman (Wasay ) is also very decent, all the supporting cast are simply brilliant. Ahmed Ali Butt I think was underutilized. Some great nice dialogues, a serious underpinning message wrapped in a comedy makes MPNJG definitely highly recommended movie to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and watch this movie to HELP our cinema!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by smasghar 1 / 10 / 10

A must watch

I was a little hesitant taking my entire family to watch this movie but the movie came as a total surprise full of comedy, entertainment and delivered some really strong messages. Loved the dresses and songs in the movie. Each and every character justified their role. Dialogue delivery was astounding. I would definitely recommend to all movie lovers to go and watch this delight in cinemas.

Reviewed by itsmyworld28 1 / 10 / 10

Terrible Movie. Infidelity and Physical Abuse is OK according to the movie.

The movie was painful to watch from the start. By the intermission, the main characters get married - and I thought that maybe there is more upside to the movie. There is not. 1. Women are materialistic. Amal (Mehwish Hayat) decides to marry her cousin just because he offers to name his wealth and property in her name. She forgets all her previous arguments of difference in culture, language, and the issues she has with feudal landlords. Naming family property in her name is the only way to show "love" apparently. She forgets her long time boyfriend, and fights with him as he refuses to name her London Apt in her name. Seriously? If I didn't grow up with family money, and worked all my life to buy property in London, why would I name it for my fiancée? And good thing he didn't! 2. Asking for divorce on the basis of husband slapping his wife or husband cheating on his wife makes the wife in the wrong. The guy refuses to divorce the girl, and beats her friends up at a party when she refuses to go with him. Talk about abuse and intimidation. Midway, the issue of him slapping her just disappears. As if it just isn't a big deal. This is so disrespectful to women who suffer abuse all the time - in the cycle of abuse, men always apologize, but they always do it again. This is the cycle of abuse that you can read up anywhere. But in this movie, if the guy apologizes, it's completely OK. 3. Women working lead to men cheating. Because... you know they don't spend time at home (sarcasm intended).

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