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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martalubomirska 2 / 10 / 10

What is the purpose of this movie?

Male viewers will be disappointed with the prudish nature of this film, especially when it comes to female anatomy. Women? Women in general don't watch this type of erotica. Plot? What plot?. You can find better dialogues even in cheap pornographic movies. Better erotics, with a better storyline, erotics which unlike PVT CHAT are not ashamed of the lower female body parts can be found on many premium adult sites. I ask again. For what audience the movie has been created?

Reviewed by ReadingFilm 8 / 10 / 10

A very misogynous movie

This is a movie that is very sexist how it depicts women. It is not only lewd and X-rated, but spiritually dead. I can why it is made in this era of moral bereftness. It fits right in a culture that hates and objectifies women, LGBT, and PoC. The movie epitomizes what we see as having a white privilege male POV. In our more enlightened era that we are in, this is problematic on so many different levels.

Reviewed by phildeesnow 8 / 10 / 10

Warnings. but no spoilers.

This movie is very graphic and was about time we get to see also a gorgeous guy in the leading role showing his attributes. The acting is very good which makes the characters likeable and realistic. The only problem i see was the camera work, but the guy who did the cam, also directed and edited, so maybe the amateurish cam work was part of his plan, i just didn't like it. If you live, or ever lived in NYC. you might identify much more with this movie. Not for the prude or homophobes, although there's no any lgbtq at all.

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