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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omendata 4 / 10 / 10

Started off well but like most couldnt keep the pace

Like so many movies these days this started off pretty well and the acting wasnt as bad as some make out but the story needed a lot more work - it seemed to just degenerate into a stalk and slash with no actual thought for a story or any development further than the first 15 minutes in terms of characters or plot. Sad because it could have been a modern female Deliverance if it had been done right. The producers should have taken a lesson from the excellent all female movie "The Descent" which is in my top 10 horrors and was a superb example of tension , terror and the descent into madness. You have to laugh (and be careful) when checking out reviews on IMDB to decide whether to rent or not to rent a movie - check out all the 10/10 or even 8/10 reviews - they all have just one review under their belts and almost all at the same time - Why cant IMDB weed these out its obviously the makers or someone involved with the film. You can tell how desperate they are as soon as two bad honest reviews appear immediately two or three 10/10 ones appear but that cannot help it to skew the rating much as it still hits the 4 mark which is probably what it deserves. Even the deaths were not remarkeable, you would think without a story they could have used some sense and provided us with some unusual death sequences. To be fair the acting was ok , the scenery and photography were good but the male characters were not that convincing or threatening; even the mad, feral "Wrong Turn" nutter was about as frightening as a fanny bag!

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10 / 10

Entertaining Thriller

The paramedic Katherine "Kat" (Nicole Marie Johnson) joins an expedition through the wilderness composed by women and led by Jean (Sara Mornell). Most of the women are problematic and the objective is to share the experience of living together in the nature for a couple of days. However there is a fire in the woods and Jean is forced to change the traditional route per another through an unknown area. Jean, Kat, Wren (Carrie Finklea), Madison (Leisha Hailey), April (Nicole DuPort), Joy (Joy McElveen) and Brit (Rebecca Colette McFadzien) start walking while Jean's partner drives his van to the destination to bring them back. However a group of psychopaths live in the area and they hunt the women down. Will someone survive? "Quarries" is an entertaining thriller with strong female characters. The plot is predictable and not original, but the conclusion surprises since this type of slasher usually ends with only one (or none) survivor. The rednecks are psychopath but there is no development of who they are. The women are reasonably developed. The IMDb Rating is not fair but there are many overrated reviews including a ridiculous comparison with the classic "Deliverance". My vote is six. Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 4 / 10 / 10

Don't expect any explanations at all because you won't get any

What's wrong with people giving this movie the highest rating possible? Are you related to somebody that made or was involved in this movie? I think it's not very mature to try to make people watch this movie if isn't good. And no it is not good at all. The acting is weak, nothing special to remember after watching their performances. But the worst is the story. It's basically a bunch of women being chased by a group of men in the woods. If they would at least take one minute to explain why they do such thing it might be better, but no apparently nobody thought this was necessary to explain. Also the men have like a dog human or whatever that follows their command, and again absolutely no explanations about how he became like that or anything. So giving this movie the highest rating possible is just foolish and dumb.

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