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February 11, 2021



Kara Hayward as Etta
Kieran Culkin as Mr. Becker
Mira Sorvino as May Rayman
Saffron Burrows as Veronica

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Reviewed by earthpersonified 7 / 10 / 10

Good performances in a sometimes 'heavy' movie...

Sometimes a movie comes along, where it hits home in kind of a way where you can excuse some of the nonsense. With Quitters you get that. At least with me. Being 25+ years removed from the main characters age, I was still able to relate to his family dysfunctional mess. Everything did not hit home, but somehow you find yourself 'feeling' the situation even if you don't like the character so much. How far is a teenager willing to go when his home life is compromised by selfish parents? Quitters gives us plenty of angst, loss and pendulating moral predicament. One wonders how teenagers can survive and grow into proper human beings when their minds are constantly bombarded with aggravating and sometimes overtly disappointing adult/parental behavior. There's also the dilemma of going too far, regardless of what's happened. This movie will surely make you laugh, think and take you through some entirely awkward, heavy and uncomfortable situations. It is not perfect and sometimes we get too much too slowly. The acting was quite good, while Greg Germann was absolutely outstanding. His best role to date. Though this movie is rated R and definitely has adult themes, they are based on 'family' situations making this suitable for teens somewhere in the 13-15 year range and older.

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