Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance

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Bipasha Basu as Sanjana Srivastav
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tahmidrahman1995 9 / 10 / 10

Very good movie indeed,worthy of watching

I know its gonna sound bloody insane,but for me(no critics,as an average human being like you) it was the best Hindi romantic movie i've ever seen. Nice chemistry between Shahrukh & Anushka(I'm their fan :P ),plaudits for Aditya chopra for this masterpiece,amazing music & Cinematography.Some questions will rise,how someone can't recognize her own husband without mustache,and some silly others.But the fact is i don't know how,but somehow this movie just touch your heart deeply,i mean u have to..u have to smile and cry in the meantime while watching this movie....for not only me,my friends and companions,almost 90% were having same feeling.credit goes to the whole team for this kind of creation. Thank you for your time and reading this review.hope,u would be kind enough to forget if i made any mistake.Stay blessed :)

Reviewed by musicmansurana 10 / 10 / 10

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai- Yaara main Kya Karu!!!!!

With Aditya Chopra Directing this Sharukh Khan starrer I obviously had huge expectations from this movie the first time its promo was aired... The Music was marvelous. Great work by Salim-Sulaiman that made me more eager to watch the film. I remember that while I was lining up for the tickets, a friend of mine who was coming out after watching the movie said that it was absolutely pathetic. According to him, the entire movie was stupid because it was about a wife not recognizing his husband without a mustache & having a flick with him thinking it was some one else..... his review did make sense & i was a bit demoralized coz I had just purchased the tickets. But when I did watch the movie, I realized ho beautiful it actually was... The movie was not about a stupid wife not recognizing his husband without a mustache. In fact, though they were husband & wife the reason she could never figure out the difference between Raj & Suri was that she was never that close to Suri in the first place. The message that the movie tries to convey that "If one has to love me then it's got to be the real me & not the person that I can pretend to be" Sharukh's best work after Chak De India!!!! God Bless the Makers of this Film!!!!!

Reviewed by hassanalizaidi 10 / 10 / 10

Not Typical, but treat to watch

First of all i would like to comment on the dare step taken by the A. Chopra to make a movie on such a middle class topic.It's an excellent movie with very different approach. I am amazed after reading different reviews. Come on folks, don't expect King khan all the time doing the Millionaire roles. Excellent direction, outstanding performances with average music. Script of the movie might be a much tighter. I am not a SRK fan by any mean, but after this movie, i started thinking by doing this. In the end, very good family drama movie and treat to watch. Come on folks stop dreaming Glamour all the time. These low budgets and middle class story movies are the real time facts of our lives.

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