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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nacelle69 10 / 10 / 10

best peanuts ever

Definitely the best Charlie Brown film ever. Chuck and the whole peanuts gang are off to summer camp. Superb animation sequence with Snoopy and Woodstock arriving by motorcycle. As usual Peppermint Patty wants to be in control of everything, but this is a movie were everyone gets to do their bit. Linus standing up to the bullies is particularly funny. ( amazing what he does with that blanket). The music is brilliant and the songs will have your kids singing along. I don't want to give to much of the plot away but suffice to say Chuck really saves the day. He's what we all know he really is "a hero". Your children, like mine, will watch this film over and over again. DELIGHTFUL. Will be buying DVD version when released.

Reviewed by Atreyu_II 10 / 10 / 10

1977 was definitely a glorious year in cinema

The year of 1977 was definitely a triumphant one. That year brought us timeless classics like "Pete's Dragon", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "The Rescuers", "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" and this "Race for your life, Charlie Brown". "Race for your life, Charlie Brown" is the 3rd of the Peanuts's specials and one of their best. The story is relatively simple and predictable, but who cares? The movie is great fun, very entertaining, thrilling, exciting and funny. Besides, the artwork is pretty good (great colorful sceneries). As for the soundtrack, the song "Race for your life, Charlie Brown", which plays in the opening and final credits, is nice. Aside that, there's very few when it comes to soundtrack - one of those few exceptions is a piano solo by Schroeder. The whole story has lots of amusement and classic humor. One of the most different things about this movie is that it features the whole Peanuts gang... or at least pretty close to that. In this story, the gang goes to a Summer camp at the Rogue River (in Oregon). Their main aim is to compete in a river rafting race. The gang is in separate groups: the boys (Charlie Brown, Linus, Schroeder and Franklin), the girls (Lucy, Sally, Marcie and Peppermint Patty as the leader), Snoopy and Woodstock and last, 3 bullies and their vicious cat. Our friends live many adventures and face many challenges in this race, including to get lost in numerous places and to confront the schemes of the 3 bullies and their weird cat (a malicious cat, very much like Lucifer from Walt Disney's "Cinderella"). The bullies win everything by cheating and apparently that is the only explanation for their success. In the end, although Woodstock is the only one to cross the finish line, at least the bullies get what they deserve - they do not win! The Peanuts gang doesn't win, but the bullies don't win either. Peppermint Patty is funnier than usual here. But still, she can be quite irritating sometimes, temperamental, hostile and unfair towards the boys, especially Charlie Brown, and it happens a few times here either. Nevertheless, funny or not, she's always a tomboy for me. Sally Brown is childish in a funny way, while Lucy tends to be often annoying and, of course, often accuses Charlie Brown of being a blockhead. Linus... woah! I just love the way he slams the bullies and their cat with his blanket as if he was doing martial arts! I never thought I'd see something like this someday! Simply hilarious! Oh yes, and it's funny when the bus forgets Charlie Brown twice and he begs «Wait! Don't forget me!», leaving Charlie Brown with no choice but to hitch a ride on Snoopy's Harley Davidson-like motorcycle. It's hilarious when he screams like that at the beginning because Snoopy is driving very fast. Poor Chuck! He's got so much lack of luck, but at the same time this makes Peanuts so funny. This movie has yet delightful and hilarious scenes with Snoopy and Woodstock, of course. I adore whenever they say «Hey!» to each other. "Race for your life, Charlie Brown" is one of Peanuts's classics, almost as good as "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and don't come back!)". Truly a shame that both "Race for your life, Charlie Brown" and "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and don't come back!)" are still not available on DVD. These two animated jewels deserve to be on DVD. This should definitely be on Top 250.

Reviewed by LVJeff 10 / 10 / 10

The Brightest of the Peanuts Movies

If there were common themes uniting the four Peanuts movies, I would most readily point out two of them: a going-against-the-odds theme and an adventurous spirit. For the other three movies, those themes were accompanied by a theme of darkness. In fact, one couldn't help but feel lonely as Charlie Brown spent the night studying in a big city in "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"; as Snoopy got kicked out of place after place in "Snoopy Come Home"; or as Charlie Brown and Linus encountered a dark, daunting chateau in "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown." And so it was great to see that for this movie, they decided to lighten it up. The result is bright and delightful! Part of the way the mood is set in the other movies is the use night and isolation; that can create the scene for adventure, but there is always a scary side there. Although there is a little of that in this movie, one remembers it more for the scenes of the Peanuts gang interacting and encountering fun/peril on the rapids or making the best of a bad situation while lost in the woods. This one has more comedy and action than any of the other Peanuts movies, and it all makes for an enjoyable ride. Perhaps the best part of the movie is that fact that you finally get to see all the major members of the Peanuts gang play off of each other (the other movies each concentrated on a few of the characters). They antagonize a lot, and then learn to stick it out together in the spirit of teamwork. Few things are as fun as taking a group of extreme and different personalities, forcing them together, and watching them go. Some of the funniest scenes are when the girls' team wrangle over the strategies involved in the raft race. It's hilarious! This is easily my favorite of the Peanuts movies, and, for me, one of the great examples of what kinds of great comedic/dramatic situations one can draw from a diverse cast of characters. Not nearly as dark in mood as the others, Race For Your Life is punctuated with gags and back-dropped against the sun and nature. Perhaps one of the only major drawbacks of the movie is the evident proof of Schulz's own claim that he can't draw cats!

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