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Aneurin Barnard as Paul Langevin
Rosamund Pike as Marie Curie
Sam Riley as Pierre Curie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pietclausen 6 / 10 / 10

A bit of a letdown

Marie Curie became more prominent after her death especially around the early years this century, so a film about her life and achievements was a welcome view. There are a few changes in the facts, probably to make this move more dramatic, but perhaps the book from which this film derives, was written like that. The tough days in Marie Curie's life when she arrived in Paris is hardly touched, which undoubtedly lead to her stubborn attitude which is over characterized in this film. In real life she was not such a hard and difficult person.

Reviewed by usagi-v2 1 / 10 / 10

struggles with its message and visuals

This movies takes a heavy duty subject, interesting mostly only for those who care about science and scientific leap-of -progress and attempts to turn it into something fit for public consumption,... oh and of course pressed into 110 minutes. Valiant effort, but it fails at mostly everything except some decent visuals, the science gets butchered (starting with omitting the co-Noblist Jacques Becquerel entirely) , scientific history gets butchered massively - possibly offending scientifically minded audiences - , the story stays utterly tepid and lukewarm, loving clicheed imagery of France and grows utterly trite when the movie tries to depict Pierre Curie as stealing Marie's thunder at the Noble price after fighting valiantly to get her included in the honour in the first place and flat-out lying about the whole procedure and Marie's presence ..... and even Rosamunde Pike struggles with what the director requires of her to carry especially with some of the most forsaken dialog possible. One clearly notices the director visualized this as facts-poor graphic novel. The flash-backs and flash-forwards do stray in the realm of the overly melodramatic, driving home some binary, un-nuanced and utterly stereotypical assumptions (there is a short flash forward episode showing Chernobyl which given last years NF series feels utterly silly ) , and looses what energy it had extremely quickly after Pierre Curie passes out of the story This bows too much to current Zeitgeist and ignores realities and established facts about real events, loosing the outstanding contributions Marie Curie made to science in the process .That would have made a spectacular movie. This ? This I would not recommend it even as a hagiographic biopic

Reviewed by loic-jegouzo 1 / 10 / 10

bad film - reaction to gbidari review

I didn't like the Marjane sartrapi film at all (un navet). I want to react to gbaldari review. What the hell is he saying ? X-rays where invented by Wilhelm Röntgen, not Tesla and radio activity has nothing to do with X-ray. Radioactivity is a nuclear disintegration. X-rays are just high frequency electromagnetic radiations (lower than radiations produced by disintegration that where discovered by Henri Becquerel).

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