Ramji Londonwaley


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patobiero 8 / 10 / 10

Very lovely

I really, really loved this movie. It was a simple and heartfelt story about a good, caring and simple man who tries to take care of his sister and gets into a load of trouble along the way. I found the story very moving, and the performances, in my opinion, were all very good. Madhavan shines in the lead role (he plays strong, sensitive, and simple very well...and looks good too, I might add - sorry just had to put that in there!), and the lead female actress is great too. The other actors all do a decent job. The guy who played 'Jai' was generally very good, but his scenes with the 'Samira' character were stilted. I cringed every time he called her 'baby'. The film has a strong message, about being true to yourself, and finding good in others. There's also a message about using your talents and appreciating the gifts we each have. For me, the love that grew between the lead characters was very believable, and was the anchor for the story. We saw it develop over time - it wasn't over-sexualised or ridiculously sudden like in a lot of movies. And a lot of topical issues were dealt with in the movie, but not in a preachy way (see Shah Rukh Khan's 'Pardes' for an example of a Hindi movie that preached at the audience - I felt I was being hit over the head with a mallet). In 'Ramji Londonwaley', the messages are more subtle and therefore seem more sincere. I wasn't expecting too much from this movie (and it does start out a bit slow), but I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I loved and enjoyed it. A good job by all.

Reviewed by AishFan 5 / 10 / 10

Heartwarming comedy

Ramji Londonwaley is a beautiful comedy about a cook, played by Madhavan, in an Indian village who accepts an offer to cook for a man in London so that he can pay the dowry for his sister's marriage. The movie is hilarious for NRIs as they can relate to several of the cultural confusions that have been penned very creatively! This movie teaches us a lesson to some of us who look down on upon uneducated villagers but can learn from some of their values and high honor of commitment as does Ramji's wife. The scenes with the mentally handicapped child are extremely touching! Everyone gives an absolutely fantastic performance!! Madhavan, his wife, the grandma, the retarded child, his parents, and even the police officers and interrogators are all amazing! Excellent direction. The only thing I don't like is the ending, which seems to be too "Bollywoodish" and rosy, setting it apart from the rest of the film, which deals with some serious and difficult situations, while maintaining a light atmosphere. It would have been better if the wife did not go to India. The clichéd scene of running to the airport at the last minute and the "10 months later" scene are very unrealistic compared to the rest of the movie. All in all though, the film deserves an applaud for tackling several issues such as unjust laws, physical handicaps, alienation/loneliness, and the meaning of true love while still being a great comedy!

Reviewed by abhaybhargav 5 / 10 / 10

It is OK! A decent Timepass Film

I went to this movie with great reluctance. I was told by a good friend that it is the remake of a Tamil Film Nala Damayanthi, which was very good. I found it to be a decent masala film. The story is about a cook Ramji(Madhavan), who gets his sister married but cannot find the cash to pay for her dowry. His sister's father-in-law threatens him that if he doesn't pay the dowry quickly he will have no option, but to throw his sister out. He is given an offer to go to London to cook for a wealthy Indian Family, and he takes it in the hope of making some money for his sister's dowry. This story basically deals with he culture shock faced by poor Ramji in the alien land of England and the funny situations he gets himself into. He finds his Indian roots to be of great help in London and becomes a much loved character there. He also manages to find himself a love interest played by Samita Bangargi. She is the modern Gori Mem and she moves from hating Ramji to loving him deeply(Very Original!!!!). The comedy in the movie is good but it loses way in the middle. The movie tries to do too much and falls flat on its face. The scenes with the Immigration officials are a little silly. Overall a decent movie. A family entertainer. If you have 3 hours to kill, you can go for it.

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