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Ashley Benson as Jessie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skyedoyle 7 / 10 / 10

Genuinely disquieting

There's a lot of negative reviews for this film and, while I can see some of the issues pointed out by other users, I actually liked this much more than expected. I found this film to be quite disturbing. It's a slow burn and yes, the fact that the entire film is shot on hand held devices can be a bit off-putting. I found it really effective though, and a simple way to highlight our reliance on technology. There are screens everywhere - I'm writing this on my phone and my laptop is open playing a series on my TV. As a woman who has lived alone and has had her fair share of creeps, this movie builds the sense of dread quite well. Others have commented on its boring nature, but for me it was effective simply because it was about the quotidian activities of our lives - there's no horror, no major twists and turns, it's just about the life of one fairly ordinary (albeit pretty damn gorgeous) young woman. That's why it works. She's realistic and relatable so seeing the escalation of the stalker's actions and its impact on her life and the people around her is super creepy.

Reviewed by miss_fashion_editor 1 / 10 / 10

Bandwagon Low Reviewers

All of the low reviews for this movie are most likely bandwagoners who want to seem cool and knock this film because it's a low budget. Indie film and doesn't have a lot of action. This is a PSYCHOLOGICAL movie and mind you, very creepy. It plays on a lot of our's worst fear, an intruder in our home, especially at night while we are sleeping. Or someone watching our every move. Ashley Benson also does a great job with her realistic betrayal of a girl who's just moved to another state to live on her own and doing some questionable and/or embarrassing things while alone, thinking no one is watching. And the ending, holy crap, I got chills all over my body, its so unexpected and scary and seems so real. This isn't nearly the best movie I've ever seen but I was glued to the screen, and I'm not afraid to say that, because they brought the creep factor and I was definitely paranoid after watching. If you scroll down you can see a lot of people rate this movie really well, before all these low ratings of "1" grouped together following each other like sheep. Come on, be realistic, this movie deserves much more than a 1. That is beyond exaggeration. I think if you like thrillers like this, you'll be in for a treat!

Reviewed by jjp757 1 / 10 / 10

Awful movie, Don't waste your time watching

I'll say it now; Films should be engaging within the first 15 minutes at the max, this movies didn't even *slightly* engage till about half an hour in, then it just died again. This could've definitely turned out to be a good film, and it seemed like it was too but its a disappointment. After seeing the trailer I expected a good horror and thriller movie to let people know to be wary of their technology, especially with a good actor like Ashley Benson. But this movie is just dry, completely dry. Their idea for the movie was actually a very unique idea which COULD have had the potential to be great movie even if it was low budget, and the point of view and use of multiple cameras as phones and laptop cameras were creative, and the actors could act, the acting was good, but there's nothing to watch, its just conversation here and there, the main character doing some typical chore or at University, nothing actually happens, as you get into the movie there is a moment *far into the film already* where you start to think its getting engaging and you're expecting a jumpscare, but want to guess what happens? Nothing. Vlogs have more action than this, It was difficult for me not to click off and watch something else, I was practically forcing myself to finish this, It was incredibly boring. The end just completely murders everything you were waiting for, why? Because there is no ending at all and honestly the fact that it was a low budget movie has no excuse, I couldn't have cared less if she died, or found out or survived or became a hitman whatever, but just the fact that there was no ending was horrible. In short words this film is; Boring, dull, awfully dry and had nothing to be watching for. I do not recommend this movie at all.

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