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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ElNujo 8 / 10 / 10

Japanese John Wick

I hadn't heard of this movie up until I seen a trailer titled "The Japanese John Wick". As a huge fan of the action genre, I was immediately interested. Considering this movie has barely gotten a release outside of some film festivals a couple of years ago, it has got to be one of the best action movies that has just flown under the radar with no notice this year. It is absolutely jam-packed with wall to wall action, with the final 45 minutes being one extended action sequence loaded with some breakneck choreography, camera & stunt work. The story is pretty straight forward with an absolute bad-ass main character. Overall, a must watch for any fan of action films and one of the best of 2018. It puts most western, Hollywood action movies to absolute shame. Highly recommended & underrated hidden gem. 8/10

Reviewed by ipkevin 6 / 10 / 10

A fighting manga turned into a movie

Here's the thing about Re:Born -- It plays like someone took a couple of years-worth of a sports manga (Japanese comic) about knife-fighting and turned it into a 100-minute movie. Think of a young men's manga series about fighting like Grappler Baki or Tough. Re:Born has all of the hallmarks of this type of manga: Obsessive attention to small details of the sport, in this case being subtle changes in fighting techniques and stances, or use of different strategies and weapons.Each fight being a story in itselfSudden bursts of emotion from otherwise macho super-killer men -- In this case, tough men suddenly wailing and confiding that their greatest regret was not being able to die for their friend during battle.A succession of outlandish opponents introduced abruptly, all displaying over-the-top sadism or weird, excessive dedication to their sport. Example: One guy in Re:born chains his knife into his forearm tendons so that he'll never lose his weapon!Finally, a hero who is superhumanly talented in the sport, able to dodge bullets like normal people would dodge a paper airplane. The main difference from these manga is that there is no narrator or thought bubble explaining the intricacies of what's going on. "Oh, he changed his stance to become more limber and dodge the throat strikes!" You just have to pay attention. And pay attention you should, as the fights are extremely fast and intricate. The choreographer did a great job varying the moves and building up the intensity of the fights. You never feel like they are the same, even though they are almost all knife fights. There's also a bunch of stuff here I don't think I've seen in other movies before. So, if you like this kind of manga or think you would, then definitely check out Re:Born. If you're a martial arts cinema fanatic who really pays attention to the fine details of a fight scene, then definitely check out Re:Born. If you like Japanese action trash films with a nihilistic bent (hello, early Takashi Miike), then Re:Born may be your jam. BUT if you want a clear, cohesive plot, interesting dialogue, and emotional payoffs, then stay the hell away from this movie. It's not for you and was never meant to be.

Reviewed by Frame-By-Frame 6 / 10 / 10

Throat slitting knife action like no other I've ever seen

Fast paced martial arts film with enough originality to be worthy of a recommendation. This is worth watching for the superbly executed fight scenes. The one in the phone booth sums up the style of the movie and is the most memorable for me. As the movie progressed I wondered how the pace could be held to the end, my mind can only take so much, but it just got more and more tense. I found myself almost holding my breath in the final scenes. OK so there is a background story to justify the high octane killing but the strength of the movie is mainly the action. Toshiro nicknamed the legendary Ghost was a former special ops soldier and unstoppable killer. He's now given that up and living as a shopkeeper but is still haunted by his past. His former commanding officer is seeking revenge so Toshiro has to return to killing and deal with what seems like an unlimited number of 'fight to the last' assassins. My rating 6/10 Highly recommended if you're into exciting martial art knife combat with lots of blood. If not then this may seem like 115 minutes of ridiculous gratuitous killing.

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