Red Dog: True Blue


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Bryan Brown as Lt. Peter Handcock
Jason Isaacs as Jack Harris
John Jarratt as Lang Hancock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by King Curtis 2 / 10 / 10

Terrible Terrible Terrible, not remotely like Red Dog, more like BAD DOG!

Red Dog, one of the greatest Aussie movies of all time. It had everything, great story, tons of heart, characters you would hang out with in an instant, captured a time and place perfectly. Then there's this .. whatever it is. A complete and utter mess that I feel has and will rip people off. People who are expecting something of the original. Other than being set in Western Australia and having a dog in it, of a red tinge, there is nothing that is remotely similar to the original. The acting is of a standard that would barely pass an audition for a children's TV show. I mean Bryan Brown, come on. The 'Block of Wood' with eyes might have got you through in your 'Prime' such as that was or wasn't but the ad you recently did as a talking duck was better than this. At least we didn't have to see your constant and unwavering Grumpy Old Man face. The character development is fairly non existent, none of the characters are very likable, even the poor dog can't rise above the pedestrian directing. The story is told from the perspective of the 'original' owner of the Red Dog and is mostly one long, long, flashback. The film starts off in a shallow, clichéd fashion and never gets any better. The main Character, both present day older man and flashback younger version , is whiny and unlikeable. It's hard to feel anything for him. The supporting cast are a letdown, shallow and one dimensional, nothing like the bunch of loners, lovable rogues, and refugees from the world that made the first film so irresistible . The scenery is stark and portrays life in that part of the world fairly accurately, the soundtrack is a mix of great old Aussie tunes but doesn't fit well. It's almost like the soundtrack should be in a better movie. This movie was a massive disappointment, and should never have been released as anything to do with Red Dog.

Reviewed by Greg B 4 / 10 / 10

Scenery: Yes / Plot: No

I adored the original Red Dog. It was Aussie, spirited, funny, genuine, human and just a great movie. It had a story to it. It WENT somewhere. It took the viewers on a journey. Red Dog Two, on the other hand, is a meandering set of images, snapshots and scenes that can be summarised as this: Boy leaves the city to live on an outback station. Boy meets a dog. Boy lives on the station. Boy goes back to the city. Of course, there are other events (meets a girl, gets involved in Aboriginal mysticism etc) but NO central narrative tying everything together. As a result, I felt cheated. The scenery and the careful framing of the movie in the sixties were the winners in this movie, but NOT the story. If you want Red Dog 2 to be similar to Red Dog 1, think again.

Reviewed by grantss 4 / 10 / 10

Clumsy and lightweight - not in the same league as the first Red Dog

A father takes his two young sons to see Red Dog. After the movie he describes to his oldest son how Red Dog is based on the story of a dog he had as a boy - Blue. From this we see the period in the man's childhood when Blue was his dog, their trials and tribulations living on a farm in a remote part of Western Australia. The first Red Dog was interesting, engaging and very emotional. This movie just seems like an attempt to cash in on the success of that movie. The story is quite lightweight and unengaging. Quite clumsy too, especially the segue from the father and sons watching the movie to it turning into a prequel to Red Dog. Even the adventures the boy and the dog go on seem very unexciting. While the original movie worked for both adults and children, this one was definitely made for kids, and kids only.

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