Red River


Action / Adventure / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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John Wayne as Capt. Kirby York
Montgomery Clift as George Eastman
Richard Farnsworth as Minor Role
Shelley Winters as Mrs. Armstrong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jsk32870 7 / 10 / 10

Terrible ending mars an otherwise solid film

This is a better-than-average western that has several things going for it. Good acting, great scenery, impressive cast - including all of the cattle, over 1,000 for sure in some scenes! It appears no expense was spared in the creation of this one. Film in a nutshell: an epic cattle drive serves as the backdrop for the story of a father and (adopted) son's struggle in a battle of wills that borrows heavily from "Mutiny on the Bounty." As good as it sounds, though, it's not perfect. There are a few problems here but the main one is the ending/conclusion/climax. While trying not to spoil it for anyone reading this who has not actually seen it yet, the insertion of the Tess Millay character into the narrative, and her subsequent actions that bring about the climax, really do not work. It feels forced, contrived, even silly. After two hours of tension mounting slowly but surely between father Dunson (John Wayne) and son Garth (Montgomery Clift), it's all resolved in a blink by a character neither man has known for more than a week. This is just not effective story-telling. Several reviewers here mention they allow that the ending of this film is not very good, possibly awful actually, yet still feel compelled to rate it 10/10. Even Roger Ebert stated that the ending hurt the film but still listed it on his "Great Movies" list. Well, I can't do that. If there are acknowledged problems with a film, it really should not be given a perfect score. '10/10' should denote that a film was perfect, you wouldn't change a thing. If you find that you would change something here or there, you've got to take it down a peg or two. And with this unsatisfactory ending, it can't be a 10. There are a few other issues. As mentioned it's not exactly original as it does borrow liberally from the "Mutiny" plot. There are also some unlikely and inexplicable situations presented here, like when Dunson abruptly leaves the wagon train at the beginning of the film without so much as a discussion with his girlfriend, who he leaves behind. This felt incredibly silly and unrealistic. "I'll send for you," he tells her as he leaves. What? How? She's going to California, he's heading for Texas, and he's just going to 'send for her' later? How exactly is he going to do that without telephones or an address or anything? That's....dumb. There are also some continuity errors, like cows appearing and disappearing behind the wagon on the way to Texas, and Dunson going from holding a whip to a gun in his right hand during the confrontation with Bunk Kenneally. Sloppy. Overall it's still a good film and worth a watch, but I do not find it to be worthy of any 'top 10' lists, there are just too many issues here. It's on the borderline of "I might watch this again on a rainy day" but that's about as high as it goes. I've certainly seen better. 7/10.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 9 / 10 / 10

This epic cattle drive is worth taking, yeehaaw!

I first saw this in the mid 90s. Revisited it recently on a blu-ray. The story is about a determined n ruthless man who has forsaken everything in order to build his cattle empire from the ground up. John Wayne did a terrific job in portraying the man who is stubborn, focused n mean. The man doesnt hesitate to kill anyone who tries to come between his way but at the same time gives the dead an honorable burial. He snatches peoples land n cattles forcefully without giving a damn. He gives orders as well as spot on death punishment even if it means u r found stealing sugar. The only guy who can stand against the tyrannical fella is his adopted son played by very well by Montgomery Clift. Now imagine trekking more than a thousand miles journey filled with rough terrain, rains, rivers, animal stampede, food shortage n hostile Injuns with this tyrant fella. While watching this film one is transported as if one is among the trekkers. We have lots of interesting characters, Walter Brennan playing Waynes very old n loyal friend who is ready to provide Wayne with a weapon in need of time but at the same time laughs when he sees Wayne getting a beating. Ivan Parry as a sugar-addicted fella who may be responsible for a stampede. Chief Yowlachie beating Brennan in a poker game. Harry Carey Jr. who is eager to bring money home to his family n a pair of red shoes for his wife. There are two things i didnt like in this film. The ending was a bit letdown. After creating so much tension n suddenly....... The other thing was the lack of shoot-out scenes. We hav a gunslinger Cherry played by John Ireland but his role was too small n the final confrontation between him n Wayne was again like u blink n u miss.

Reviewed by SusanJL 9 / 10 / 10

Ending dropped this a star for me!

Wayne was great, a flawed hero, and the way they aged him and he acted made it so convincing he was supposed to be around 60 by the movie's end. Clift was great, too. But that ending - yikes!!!! Totally unconvincing!! Clift and Wayne grinning at each other minutes after almost killing each other, with no concern for Cherry, whom Wayne just shot??? Bizarre!!! But otherwise great film. I have given this film more thought, and this is how I would have made it. I would have Wayne furious when Clift takes over the drive, but NOT threaten to kill him. I would have Wayne tell Clift he was going to show up some day and surprise him, leaving it as a veiled threat of some type of retribution. But when Wayne shows up at the end, I would let the surprise be that Wayne realized Clift did the right thing and - like when Jacob and Esau meet in the Bible - they make up. I would just have Wayne shoot Cherry's gun out of his hand and not really hurt him. Then I'd have Wayne make a dramatic speech to the effect that "it takes a big man to admit when he's wrong and I'm a big man" and then show Clift how the brand will be changed to include him with the M.

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