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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Elenaj10 9 / 10 / 10


This is the first Japanese film that I have seen - and what a lovely surprise! Where have I been all these years?! The film is about a guy his late 20s who hasn't achieved much in life: no job, no real friends and no hope. Thanks to a medical experiment, he takes a drug that makes him appear 10 years younger. He's back at high school where he has a second chance to achieve something in life. He soon rediscovers a youthful energy mixed with an older person's appreciation for life. This plot is original and intriguing. It definitely got me hooked on Japanese films!

Reviewed by heartmak 6 / 10 / 10

An average comedy

The wish of changing the past to have a better future may have come across everyone's mind. The movie is about the similar idea. A guy in his late twenties frustrated of his present life wishes to change his past to have a better future. His dream comes true when he gets a chance to do so as a part of experiment for one year. As he relives his life as a high school student, he makes some new friends. He cherishes the high school time more thane ever. He falls in love with girl but feels bad he will lose her at the end of the year of his Relife. After the end of his Relife period he realizes the Importance of Friendship and cherishes he present life more than before. Movie is pretty average with emotional touch and few laughs.

Reviewed by mstr_bond 6 / 10 / 10

Cute movie

I would describe Relife as a teen romance movie, so it's obviously quite cheesy and the story isn't very original either. But I enjoyed it. The awkward social interactions between these shy and always polite Japanese kids make it endearing to watch. It's also very wholesome. There is no vulgarity at all, which provides a nice escape from the oversexualized culture of today.

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