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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tocv 1 / 10 / 10

Simply "an" horrible movie.

I could get past the fact that the technology 35 years in the future has the same menu interface from a 1990's era PDA. We have had the ability to project an image on walls or other surfaces for some time now. We can also manipulate the projected images with technology available 5 years ago. I could get past the fact that Equilibrium already did this type of movie and had much better production values... in 2002. I could get past the fact that two of the kids looked back and forth to the camera when reciting the "pillars of society". I could even get over the fact that between 08:57 - 09:00 you can clearly see both the camera's and camera man's reflection in the glare from the "futuristic" glass- the same kind used in schools since the 1950's. What I cannot get over is that from 09:04 - 09:05 the CGI malfunctioned (?) as did the blue color filter used in the film. You are stuck watching the kids talking at a blank yellow wall, and can even see the child acting coach standing camera left. Then a moment later and CGI is back, the acting coach disappears, and blue color tone returns. This was my first time watching the "film" on a small TV screen. How did I catch these problems and the production team did not? I could not get past the 10 minute mark. Oh and am I the only one to notice the only positive reviews coming from the same town in Canada where the film was produced. Interesting.......

Reviewed by filmtvandlife 2 / 10 / 10

terrible horrible unimaginative story

I couldn't watch this film the first 20 mins were pure torture. A lot of low budget films are great, this one however IS NOT great at all. The acting is terrible from some parties, the effects were ridiculously bad and not in a good way ie. dr who plungers and egg beaters kinda way. The story line is not interesting and is really very outdated and one of those, it's really never going to happen type scenarios because its so damn stupid. We ran out of working aged people? Ridiculous is in reality they would just import labor from elsewhere and there are so many non dystopian ending ways to deal with this problem that the entire premise of this so called sci fi is beyond ridiculous and clearly lacks any kind of imagination on behalf of the writer (s?). If I could vote zero I would.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10 / 10

Indie sci-fi from Canada

REMEMBER is an indie sci-fi flick that hails from Canada. The story is dry and boring and about a government official working in a dystopian totalitarian future in which families are separated by the state. Said official decides to right things by rebelling against the system. Basically, this is a complete rip-off of the Hollywood flick EQUILIBRIUM, made on a fraction of the budget and with none of the interest.

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