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Jessica Bowman as Bailey Kristoff
John Diehl as Neil Trenton
Jordan Belfi as Jeff
Tony Longo as Joey Gasperini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reaper-29 8 / 10 / 10

Great family movie

This was my favorite movie when I was 11. I watched it everyday, until my older sister used it to record one of her soap operas. I'm 18 now and happened to be looking through a discount bin at an old town video store. Guess what I found? I have to admit, it was a little on the stupid side. It didn't have a great plot, and the action was unrealistic, but aside from all that, it was still funny. One week later, while watching my 8 year old cousin, I popped in Remote, and you know what, he loved that movie just as much as I did when I was young. Isn't that what watching videos is supposed to be about? I look forward to watching it with my children someday.

Reviewed by andreygrachev 1 / 10 / 10

Pretty Cool film, full of tricks

I love most of the films made by Ted Nicolaou. He is very experimental film maker. Every his film is a discovery. This time he surprised with really bright film for kids. The story is about young genius who makes his own world out of the remote controlled toys, who help him to entertain himself. He has got a lot of planes and helicopters, dolls etc.. He also has very good friends, a girl and a black boy with whom they like to ride their bicycles. But one day main character's mother prohibits the boy to play with his toys-that is why he found some other place to play with them, facing three local robbers who came to the same place. Unfortunately I did not see this film when I was 9-12- otherwise I would love the film even more. Respect to Ted

Reviewed by the_drumguy 1 / 10 / 10

well, it's pretty bad

Honestly, there isn't a whole lot to say about this film that hasn't already been said. An "after-school special" type film that bytes Home Alone is pretty much on point. And it's also completely awful and the writing is horrendous. Essentially, this is the film's plot- Takes place in one of those newly developing neighborhoods... Parents bug kid about having remote control toys, parents then leave house, then burglars enter kids' house... kid uses remote control stuff to fend off burglars... burglars cook steak... kid uses remote control stuff to obtain steak... kid eats steak... roll credits... we are all now dumber for watching this film.

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