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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Chasing The Sacred Lakota Lance

The only reason I give Renegades as high a rating as I do is because I'm a great big fan of the leads Lou Diamond Phillips and Kiefer Sutherland. Rarely have I seen a major theatrical motion picture resting on a supposition as outrageous as this one. Kiefer Sutherland is a Philadelphia detective gone undercover on his own to find a corrupt cop. He's infiltrated a mob headed by a very cold blooded hood played by Robert Knepper who's planning a jewel heist. The heist goes off, but with some unforeseen complications. Such as the fact that Knepper while fleeing from the cops in hot pursuit, goes through the Philadelphia American Indian Museum and on impulse steals a sacred lance of the Lakota Sioux tribe. He also shoots Gary Farmer who tries to stop him and cold conks Sutherland who tries the same. Phillips is Farmer's brother and he and Sutherland form an alliance of convenience to accomplish their separate goals. But I have to say that the whole idea here is just plain preposterous. Phillips is a stoic Indian figure, he's carrying over his performance from Young Guns where he and Sutherland met and became lifetime friends. Sutherland's performance is a combination of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry and Steve McQueen from Bullitt. For action fans there are enough gun battles and one great car chase as in Bullitt through the streets of Philadelphia/Toronto as some of Renegades was filmed there. As Sutherland and Phillips are good friends in real life as well the spirit of camaraderie does come through. Jami Gertz as Knepper's girl friend has a very nice role as basically an old time gangster moll. Yet the whole idea behind Renegades is just plain preposterous and unless you're a fan of either one or both the leads you're going to laugh yourself silly.

Reviewed by ctomvelu-1 5 / 10 / 10

Dated action film

Keifer Sutherland is an undercover cop who has gotten himself in too deep, and Lou Phillips is a long-haired Indian on the trail of a stolen lance sacred to his tribe. The two team up against the bad guys, and all hell breaks loose. Plenty of car chases, shootouts and general mayhem ensue, in the best style of all those late 1980s low-budget crime thrillers. Sutherland and Phillips are always fun to watch, although Phillips is maybe a bit too stoic from time to time. The finale is high on the body count, which is all we can ask from many of these '80s action setpieces. If it all looks a bit dated now, especially Sutherland's funky-chicken hairdo, so be it. They can't all be DIE HARD or LETHAL WEAPON. Having said that, RENEGADES beats TANGO AND CASH any day.

Reviewed by mwendel 5 / 10 / 10

Decent Movie, Funnier Now Than Before (Possible Spoilers)

This is one of those films that just grows on you over time because so many of the people have gone on to such better works (and at the same time have had work just as bad, if not worse). This film just shows you how far Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Philips have come in their careers both in terms of success and acting ability - you can definitely see where Sutherland starting building up his "in pain" acting that he uses so effectively in 24. The acting is decent, nothing to scream Oscar about, the story is somewhat fleshed out, there are some cinematic holes (like the scene where Lou Diamond Philips is supposedly sitting on the front to the car while Kiefer Sutherland is driving the car backwards with the hood up - the entire scene you can see under the crack of the hood that no one was sitting there - not well thought out in my opinion), but it does keep you guessing until the very end of the movie who the bad cops are and it is a little bit surprising that there is not one, but two bad cops. Its an entertaining movie that doesn't allow the violence to run the whole show until the very end of the movie. Its got some decent twists, some mild comic relief, the requisite chase scenes and a fairly satisfying conclusion. Its a good late night rental for Sutherland and/or Philips fans.

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