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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 3 / 10 / 10

Boring and Annoying Thriller

The journalist Kate (Thandie Newton) and her estranged husband, the architect Martin (Cillian Murphy), rent an isolated house in Fairweather Cottage in the Blackholme Island expecting to rekindle their love and save their marriage after a miscarriage of Kate. The owner, Doug (Jimmy Yuill), brings the couple in his boat and they have only a Citizen Band (CB) radio to communicate with him. Soon they have problem with the generator and Doug helps them, repairing the equipment. When Kate sees a wounded stranger in the island, she calls Martin and they bring him to the house. They note that the man is dressed with military uniform and has a weapon, and Martin hides the gun. The stranger wakes up and tells that he is Private Jack Corman (Jamie Bell) and he is fleeing from a pandemic in the continent. Further, they must isolate the house to protect themselves against the deadly airborne virus. Kate does not buy his story but Martin gives his gun back. Who is Jack? Is he telling the truth? "Retreat" is a boring and annoying psychological thriller, with a terrible story and unlikable characters. There are many flaws in the plot and stupid reactions and plot points. Thandie Newton's character is irritating and she has histrionic performance. The final plot point with the truth about Jack is kind of absurd. My vote is three. Title (Brazil): Not Available on DVD or Blu-Ray

Reviewed by David Holt (rawiri42) 8 / 10 / 10

Could have been good

Retreat could have been a good movie if the director had had his eyes open. Since the general plot has been dissected numerous times by other reviewers, I won't waste your time by repeating the story all over again. However, either the director thinks his potential audience are all a bit "slow" (to say the least) or HE is a bit slow himself. Why do I say this? Well, even though Martin and Kate are going through a small setback, surely that is no reason why, when they find an unconscious injured man on their island retreat, they shouldn't, at the very least, clean him up and dress his wounds. In such an environment there would be no doubt that their cottage would have been well-equipped with first-aid provisions yet all they appear to have done is drag the poor guy into the house and dump him on a sofa and then just sit and look at him! NO ONE would do that no matter how disturbed they were! The guy still has streaks of blood all down his face from open wounds to his head! Gee! I would sure hate to get shipwrecked on an island where they were the only occupants! Then, when he does come around, the stranger tells them what could well have been a true story albeit somewhat bizarre. But then, when he says that the virus is airborne and their house must be sealed up, no one thinks to ask what they are all going to breathe once it is and then, when he convinces Martin and Kate to actually decimate the building and board up the doors and windows, there are enough gaps between the boards for a vampire bat to fly through - let alone a minute virus - never mind the chimney! The premise of the story is plausible but its handling is pathetic! The fact that Martin and Kate actually bought Jack's story is an insult to the intelligence. I watched Retreat to the bitter end because I love Thandie Newton (and so the ending didn't please me one bit!) With a couple of exceptions, Cillian Murphy's character, Martin, was pretty lame. For example, he tells his gorgeous wife that he doesn't know what to do to ease her pain. How about giving her a great big loving hug for starters? There's poor Thandie (sorry, Kate) crying out to just be loved and all he can say is that he doesn't know what to do! I could go on but what's the point? Maybe another effort will be made with the story sometime in the future with better results. You know, I think that it should be mandatory for film directors to take basic courses in psychology so that, at least, their "normal" characters (as opposed to psychopaths who they can make as weird as they like) will behave like normal people do behave and not totally irrationally!

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 8 / 10 / 10

For a British film, this is very good!

As a Brit, i rarely watch British movies due to my personal taste of simply disliking them, but 'Retreat' is a rare exception. The main plot is catchy and i'm glad i gave this film a chance. 'Retreat' has great performances, very good directing along with a nice film score. The bad guy became a bad guy by circumstance. The film becomes an issue of if he can be trusted or not. The husband and wife characters don't know whether they can trust him / whether this guy is paranoid and crazy or whether he's telling them the truth, the viewers are made to relate to these husband and wife characters due to the movie doing a very good job of keeping the audience in the dark as well. 'Retreat' is a very tense thriller with a minimal cast, there should be more movies like this with a great plot and with literally only a few characters, films like this are proof that a movie doesn't need to have a big number cast to make a film great. The only thing that is wrong with this flick is a couple of comments of sexism coming from the bad guy "Jack", example - when he tells the husband that they can't allow the woman to make all the decisions, and the scene where he puts food out and tells her to make him breakfast, when he can easily make it himself (but then again that particular scene was a means to an end for that moment, it was set up to simply build a tense outcome, but still they could have done that outcome in a different way without the sexism). 'Retreat' has quite a few plot-twists and the very end scene is shocking and unexpected. If you like thrillers, i recommend renting this film on Amazon Prime Video.

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