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Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10 / 10

El ataque de los muertos sin ojos: Sub par sequel

I really enjoyed Tombs Of The Blind Dead (1972) it blew me away and left me really excited for the other three movies in the franchise. Sadly I knew it was too good to be true as this second film is very underwhelming by comparison. The first thing that struck me is the timeline. Is this a sequel? prequel? remake? Every potential answer to that has an valid argument against it so I was already more than a little frustrated. The film does however have most of the strengths of the first film, the concept is great and the cast do a good job. Sadly the plot is hit and miss this time and honestly a great deal of mistakes were made in its creation. Return Of The Evil Dead isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination it's just a let down after the outstanding Tombs Of The Blind Dead. This time we see the blind dead raise from their graves to assault the near by village who are in the middle of annual festivities and ripe for the slaying. Watchable second film but not the best start to carrying on a franchise. The Good: Most of the cast The Bad: Confusing timeline The big "Battle" has to be one of the dullest fight scenes ever Couple of the effects are really screwy Weak ending Things I Learnt From This Movie: Blind Dead zombies can walk around in a near skeletal form but die from being impaled Asking a little girl to be blindfolded, telling her its a game, asking if she wants to play with you and telling her she's not allowed to make any noise has to be one of the most unintentionally uncomfortable scenes in movie history

Reviewed by smccar77 5 / 10 / 10

A more accessible remake

"Reutrn of the Blind Dead," is a slightly higher budget remake of Tombs of the Blind Dead. Return maintains the intriguing premise and textural richness of the first, while also achieving a slightly faster pace and more accessible story. In all fairness, Return is a remake in spirit only. The story arch and conflict differs very much from the first film. In the earlier film, the director lavished time and extended shot composition to create a creepy mood. This second installment develops characters more and explores how some of the monsters may still be alive. This series has gained a cult following for a few reasons. First, the premise of long dead satanic knight zombies mixes history, occultism, and gory monsters. Such a mix is near perfection in the overly exploited zombie genre. Second, the stories are rather simple and straight forward. The director is clearly not attempting to create a nuanced and subtle piece of storytelling. Rather, the films are a notable for the visual and color textures. The zombies are a wonderful combination of desiccated flesh and bones wrapped in earth hardened tunics. In addition, these knights attack in force both on foot and on zombie horseback. The costuming and makeup effects are actually quite unsettling and some of the most original. While the zombies are very fun, the lack of attention to story and development do hurt the film. The dialogue is simplistic and clearly serves to keep the pacing up. Whenever a movie sacrifices realistic scripting, the production as a whole suffers from wooden performances and characters the audience cares little about. Return, having made the above scripting sacrifice, comes off as very clichéd, poorly acted, and at times outright stupid. An important note is that, even with these negative points, the film still maintains a sense of excitement, horror and fun. Return is a "b" zombie film and all of the staff know it. In a sense, this film deserves to be judged by more lenient "b" criteria. By evaluating this film on less strict criterion, Return is a success. The Editing is well done and maintains a good exciting pace. The acting is wooden, which inevitably leads to unintended humor and laughs. The zombies are the star and clearly have been developed lovingly. The score is a mix of cheesy music and stereotypically creepy sound effects. This film attacks its goal with both a high degree of technical skill and an even higher degree of pride. Will this film ever make a come back and receive awards? No, it will not. Will this film stand the test of time and be referenced for many years to come by horror enthusiasts? Yes, it most definitely will. All in all, this is a fun film that has a unique if campy perspective on zombies. On a personal note, I have really taken to this series. The premise, visual textures, creepy locations, and unplanned humor combine to make these films a pleasure to watch. These make great movie night fare when with horror buffs. In addition, this series provides a great many examples of the wonderful techniques used in earlier horror. A great many films of today are clearly influenced by the likes of the blind dead.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

First and best sequel of the Templars dead series

The blind dead Templars return again from the 13th century with this creepy story.The film starts when the village's idiot(Jose Canalejas) awakes the priests warriors from the tomb.Ancient Zombies return of graves causing wreak havoc on the small community where are celebrating centennial festivities ,terrizing and torturing the rural population.There rules a tyrant Mayor(Fernando Sancho) and his underlings(Frank Braña).They make a brutal massacre into village square and the protagonists are surrounded in the church.Meanwhile the starring (Tony Kendall) saves the damsel(Esperanza Roy )in disgrace. This atmospheric horror movie contains eerie scenes when appear the living dead Templars .This is the following of the first great success and immensely popular ¨Tombs of the Blind dead¨ which to be continued by a trilogy: Return of evil dead,Horror of Zombies and Night of the seagulls. The Zombi-like are blinded by crows but they made human sacrifices and were executed and the clergymen return eventually to the life.They encounter their victims by means of screams and sounds. In the movie appear famous actors of Eurotrash and Spaghetti Western as Fernando Sancho(usual roles of fat Mexican),Frank Braña(habitual secondary in Sergio Leone Western),Tony Kendall( an usual player for Amando Ossorio as When the screaming stops and People who own the dark) and Lone Fleming,main actress in the original film:The tombs of the blind dead.Creepy and frightening music especially when the dead attack is created by Anton Garcia Abril . This lack budget film is regularly directed by Amando De Ossorio.

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