Return of the Killer Tomatoes!


Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Anthony Starke as Dr. Weaver
George Clooney as Fred Friendly
John Astin as Zach
Teri Weigel as Matt's Playmate
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Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10 / 10

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!: Misses its mark but still entertains

1978's Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes was an unexpected cult gem that despite looking ridiculous actually managed to entertain with it's Naked Gun (1988) style humour. With the sequel set a decade later and following on from the events of the first I expected more of the same so was disheartened to see they had gone in a different direction. The style of humour is the same though not as quickfire, but the content simply isn't Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes! Instead of rampaging killer vegetables we instead have a sinister plot that involves Tomatoes in human form. Starring the original Gomez Adams John Astin and a young George Clooney this silly but still likable comedy doesn't provide the laughs alike the original but still has enough about it to be entertaining. You may have to wade through some unfunny stuff to get to them but the jokes are there and most are delivered by Clooney who demonstrates once again that he has a natural affinity for comedy. It's hard to believe this franchise was born at all let alone that it spawned 4 movies across 3 decades and even a television show! The Good: George Clooney is hilarious The Bad: Doesn't have the novelty value or charm as the original Things I Learnt From This Movie: Big Breasted Girls Go To The Beach should have been a real film Anchovies go great on pizza with gummy bears Rasberry Jam Calzone should be a thing A teddy bear yelling rape is one of the most traumatising sounds imaginable I want a FT doll If the movie was remade the confederate flag would probably not be on the good guys uniform Big Breasted Tomatoes go to the beach and take their tops off should also have been a real film

Reviewed by Mark Turner 9 / 10 / 10


Being as old as I am I can remember when the original ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES was released. Not so much in theaters as on video tape. I'm not sure if it played many theaters, then again it could have hit the midnight movie circuit. In any event, it was hilarious by being intentionally low budget and glorying in that format. It became popular enough that a sequel was bound to happen. Who would have thought that it would have George Clooney in the second lead role though? Mad Professor Gangreen (John Astin) is planning a produce protest, an herbal uprising, a tomato tornado…in short he is planning on having the tomatoes once again attack the world. Using music he can change tomatoes into various human forms. One of those is Tara (Karen Mistal), a ripe tomato turned into a gorgeous human who isn't pleased with the way Gangreen treats her fellow veggies. She runs off only to meet our hero, Chad (Anthony Starke) and fall in love. After Gangreen sends his assistant out to capture Tara and bring her home, Chad and his best friend Matt (Clooney) attempt to thwart the plans of Gangreen. Discovering that certain songs change the tomatoes back and forth, he's heartbroken when one song turns Tara back into a tomato. Finding the right song to change her back he and Matt do their best to stop Gangreen and his 'mato minions. The movie not only uses its cheesiness to its advantage it grasps it with both hands and strangles every single joke possible out of it. It basks in the glory of being a grade B movie and relishes in that format, playing on words and situations that mingle vegetables and humor for some decent laughs and a lot of fun. This isn't Oscar material and all involved know that. Instead it embraces the genre it is a part of a goes for all it can. The acting isn't amazing but well done by all involved. I'm not sure this is one that Clooney is proud to have on his resume but he should be. It displays his ability for comedy long before he was able to put it out there for fans to enjoy much later. The rest of the cast might not have achieved near the stardom but they all put forth a great effort here. Astin, most famously known for playing Gomez Addams in the TV series THE ADDAMS FAMILY, does a great job here as the mad scientist intent on overtaking the world. He would continue to play the character in the next sequel as well as the animated series based on the films. Even though this film is not the type to receive a ton of respect it gets it in spades here from Arrow Video. Like all of their other releases their offering it in the best presentation possible with a 1080p blu-ray copy. The extras aren't abundant but the odds of those even being available are small. Included are brand new audio commentary with writer/director John De Bello, a brand new interview with Stark, the original theatrical trailer, a reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matthew Griffin and a fully illustrated collector's booklet featuring writing by critic James Oliver. If you remember the films from your days at the video store or maybe from the animated series then odds are you'll enjoy this one. Fans of Clooney looking to make their collection complete will want this one as well. It's a fun time that has been given a new life thanks to Arrow Video.

Reviewed by happycarrot68 9 / 10 / 10

I just love this

I just find this film so incredibly funny with every watch. as a fan of B movies and trashy horror films, this film hits the spot with it's tremendous humour and just daft situations. I love the fact that film even spoofs it's own budget half way through and so many scenes stand out, the mime artist, the restaurant scene( the interview with the woman is hilarious) the list goes on. The jokes are daft but work, Karen Mistral is stunning and the whole thing works so well. One of those films I still stick on play when little worth watching and it never tires. I truly RELISH this film ( sorry).

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