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Helen Hunt as Annie Wells
Richard Kind as Reporter
Robert Knepper as Don Surine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cyberguru-1 4 / 10 / 10

Vehicle for hanging out with the young

Being a faithful fan of Helen Hunt I'm hurting. Firstly, her charm: mostly absent, replaced with this concerned, suffering look we typically see in Meryl Streep's roles. Secondly, her aging: somehow many scenes portray HH as an old woman. Was it intentional? Perhaps, considering that pool of film professionals, who do transformations of characters. However, I fail to see reasons for such decision. Finally, I was permitted to remain under the impression that the whole justification for making this movie was for HH to be around younger men. Some kind of a "trophy role". I would be happier to see other reviews and points of view that would make me drop that hurting.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10 / 10

Too protective mother and her grown up son keen to choose his own path.

It is a 2nd directional feature for Helen Hunt. She also starred in a prominent role which is about a mother-son relationship. I don't understand why it was rated very low, but I like this rare movie, which portrayed parent-children bond in an emotional way. Such kind of a beautiful film the last time I saw was the 'The Guilt Trip', I guess. Only the women filmmakers can make films like this. Maybe this movie hit my weak point, I'm always sympathetic to the old people's struggle. Anyway, I liked the Helen Hunt's role and she was not struggling, but wanted to connect with her son who's grown up and trying to stretch his wings to fly away from her. This is very usual in the real world, an affectionate father towards his daughter and the same to a mother towards her son. I find this kind of themes are very cute and touches me. There's nothing bad about the direction, but the screen writing. Helen Hunt is not a great writer, in some parts the film was very dry. Feelingless emotions, but overall keeping the prime target as a mother who's pursuing her son for some reason. There were a few scenes that added the fun flavour to the movie. I wanted to give more points it, but I can't. Besides, I can recommend it to the people who're interested to have a movie about the family issues. Not like couples having a quarrel, but between parents and their kids, like maybe similar to the one I mentioned in the first paragraph. 7/10

Reviewed by briannash-94122 7 / 10 / 10

At first, I almost stopped watching...but gave in to see the end...

Interesting movie and though I have never really been a major fan of Helen Hunt, I was most curious to see this movie because she had written the screen play. True to form, her acting appears similar to most of the things she has done..a stilted kind of speech that at times feels forced,contrived, and not at all fluid. The beginning dialogues with her son force one to almost hit pause, rewind, to listen again....the words so verbose and clumsy with wordplay and intensity. Still, once the movie gives away to the California setting, the characters also appeared to "relax" a bit and things actually became enjoyable.. The underlying storyline appears...a story of loss and control over what was lost and to ensure what IS, can never be lost.. (and in that, lies the blurred and somewhat contentious relationship between mother and son).. If you can get past the beginning, I would recommend this movie...Helen Hunt has written a fairly poignant screenplay..

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