Riders of Justice


Action / Comedy / Drama

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April 15, 2021


Lars Brygmann as Lennart
Nicolas Bro as Emmenthaler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zeki-4 8 / 10 / 10

Finally a wellwritten crimecomedy

A bunch of misfits, most with anger issues, try to go on a rampage, led by a PTSD-suffering Mads Mikkelsen. This movie features many of the best male danish actors. It has strong perfomances and a laugh out riot dialogue, especially from the supporting cast, that you have to hear to believe. It's not a revenge-movie per se, but deals with issues like parenthood, friendship, and forgiveness. Because of this, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and think it's the best movie to come out from Denmark in years.

Reviewed by Balrog96 10 / 10 / 10

Best danish film since "The Hunt"

I became very impressed with Anders Thomas Jens new installment to his bizarre and unique film universe! The film delivers comedy in top class, and have some impeccable acting performances particular from Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, but the rest of the cast (Nicolas Bro, Lars Brygmann, Roland Møller, Andrea Gadeberg etc.) also does a good job! The script and the lines were really well done. How the characters interact and talk to each other felt very natural, and none of it seemed "staged", which shines through as ATJ is one of the most talented screenwriters we have in Denmark. I found the film's unique plot and its special "idea" to be incredibly thrilling, and made the film have a lot of thoughtful elements, where the cinema-goer is actually challenged intellectually, which I we rarely see in a Danish films. It almost felt like the concept of the film was taken from a Nolan-esque universe! All in all a great danish film! 9/10

Reviewed by tmunkgaard 10 / 10 / 10

Most definitely worth seeing!

This film is both serious, funny as hell and insanely well produced. You feel with these guys and laugh at their lack of social skills, while rooting for them as they go rogue and break the law in so many ways. I haven't seen this for the last time.

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