Ring of Bright Water


Comedy / Drama

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Virginia McKenna as Mary MacKenzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Glaschu 10 / 10 / 10

Positive, uplifting, getting-away-from-it-all kind of movie

If you ever feel like giving up the rat-race of the city life and a hectic job, see this film. Ring of Bright water is a getting-away-from-it-all kind of movie set in the Gaelic-speaking Western Isles of Scotland. The busy London professional decides to take a broken-down croft house, fix it up, write and be creative. He accomplishes all these things but finds the friendship and love of a woman and as well as a dear otter. There are some scenes with Gaelic dialog to add reality to the film. The bittersweet end will bring a tear to even the most hardened big-business type. Great movie for a rainy day or a cozy evening - positive, uplifting.

Reviewed by rhsymonds 9 / 10 / 10

Stunning Visuals complemented by Superb Direction

I have no idea how some people give this film low marks, everything from the scenery to the interaction between cast and animals is breathtaking. I was enthralled throughout this emotional roller-coaster thanks to the trainers of Mij the otter and the acting of the two lead roles, i watched seven samurai the night before this, so it had a lot to live up to, and it was one of the first films in ages where i didn't look at the time once, i was so happy watching this man and otter co-exist that i didn't want it to end. There are emotional extremes in this film, moments of tearful joy and moments of terrible sadness, so be careful if watching with kids. For a 1969 production, I cannot recommend this enough, i watched a free copy with a newspaper, and i will be buying the full DVD very soon and I'm 24! Thoroughly impressive editing & acting makes this a film that will stay with me till the day i die. And dammit, i want that otter !!

Reviewed by migriky 9 / 10 / 10

Don't over sanitize movie selections for kids

Great move, good right of passage. I read the other posts by folks who think this is too rough for kids...yes, I saw it as a child, yes it stayed with me, yes I can still touch that sad feeling left for me at the films end. Come on, we are creating a race of freaks if no parent wants their child hurt in any way. Leaning to deal with the personal death of a friend is a character shaping event. I too want only good for my son but know I am sending him out into the world unprepared if his life is only brightness and sunshine. Watch the move, talk to your kids about it..good discussion to build foundations on. Life, friendships, responsibility to the earth and it's creatures.

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