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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phenomynouss 2 / 10 / 10

a semi-decent comedy

From the start, this movie seems to not know what it's doing and has some difficulty having to come into its own in the midst of what's already established as a major, well-known franchise. The very start seems to either subtly undermine the "rules", by having Samara not actually just kill a viewer, but kill hundreds of random bystanders who have not seen the tape as well, which kind of really makes me angry, especially as we see a Samara kill happen later where Samara explicitly does not kill someone who is basically in the same room as a victim but who has not seen the tape. themovie then sets up this rather convoluted club going on at the protagonist's boyfriend's college wherein a biology professor has a group of students watching the tape, then making copies to get others to watch so they don't die. Somehow this is supposed to contribute to his research about life after death and the soul, but there's no actual information to gather; you watch the tape, get a prank call, then get attacked and killed 7 days later. No one comes close (or is supposed to) come close to death or to actually trigger Samara's appearance. The only data the professor seems to be gathering is pictures of their warped faces on cameras and occasional body markings. From there, we get an entire secondary plot involving a NEW The Tape which was hidden in some frames from a copy of the tap, which, apart from the way it was discovered, could essentially be its own completely different movie. It's tie-in with The Ring's story just feels contrived and stupid no matter how you try to justify it. The NEW The Tape is a retread of the old; a seemingly random assortment of esoteric images and video clips that are revealed throughout the movie to be relevant to the unfolding of the plot. While the first two movies pretty clearly established that Samara is evil and won't stop, one thing this movie did fairly well was establish a sense of confusion on that count. It's never clear whether the protagonist is being lead along by Samara or by Evelyn, and it's simultaneously unclear if she really was evil, or if it was some manner of "curse" or a matter of "release mah spirit and i'll stop", but as the previous movies established, "you knew I was a snake when you took me in" All throughout the film, there's tons of laughs to be had. Unfortunately for the film, they weren't meant to be funny moments. Virtually every serious dramatic point is just badly blown by questionable acting, even more questionable dialogue, or overly convenient "random" events, like the completely out of nowhere lightning strike that knocks down a power line to kill a character before they can reveal some important information to the protagonist. That moment was probably one of the most hilarious. Over all, the story is passably bland but what really makes this movie stand out is the laughably awful execution of just about everything. Every single important dramatic moment either fell flat or was unintentionally hilarious, and every single jump scare, EVERY jump scare, was hilarious and laugh-inducing. I haven't laughed at a horror movie this much in at least 4-5 years.

Reviewed by WisdomsHammer 1 / 10 / 10

Rooting for Samara

There is some wonderful lighting and cinematography in this. And I found the music haunting and effective. I also thought Vincent D'Onofrio was great. Those are the kindest things I think I can say about this. I have so many questions... The main character stumbles into the video and seems to know all about it without anyone telling her. The rest of the movie is a lot of people trying to prevent her from doing stupid things that will kill her. Why won't they just let her die? What's with the lame ending? Why do characters say things like, "Hey, I found out what this thing means," and then not tell anyone what it means? Why was the writing so sloppy? Will that poor actress who played Julia get any more work after this?

Reviewed by semichan-kokonut 1 / 10 / 10

1 Hour and 42 minutes you could spend on something - anything else

Remember Samara Morgan ? Well she's back, back, back again ! Adapted from a 2005 short from Jonathan Liebesman (which was serving as a prequel to "The Ring 2", released that same year), this nearly 2 hours long movie drags you all along and was 10 times more efficient as a 16min clip. Most good shorts just don't do it as full features (i.e. : "Lights Out") and this one is no exception. The movie opens with the most ridiculous scene and instantly turns you off - this is the nicest way I can put it. The rest is by no means brilliant either, however. In "Rings", people watch the cursed tape despite all fair warnings and hints, they know what they're getting themselves into - when this film unfolds, Samara Morgan and her story are pretty widely known and the urban legend is now part of a whole subculture/cult. You would thought this would work as a natural selection of sort, but sadly, we have to follow the adventures of those who didn't pass the test. Additionally, there's a mysterious new tape. It's not that mysterious at all though, and quite poorly conceived. "Put some mildly scary and vague imagery in there. Yeah, crosses, churches, dead birds... Hey, what about an Ouroboros ?" Anyhow, this tape is getting watched and someone (Julia, played by Matilda Lutz) will try to understand and solve it all again, to save themselves (her and her boyfriend, played by Alex Roe), and ultimately save Samara, too. Let the 7 days countdown begin. (+) Samara stepped up her game! Now coming through flat screens, smartphones, and onto planes. She's not going to let herself be stopped by technical difficulties, no mam'.Contains usable advises such as "how to get yourself out of a hostage situation by using a cup of tea".It's a high budget film, and it shows. Jokes apart, it's visually pleasing. (-) Jump scares, flashing images with loud, disruptive noises. Are you scared yet ? Have another jump scare anyway.The plot is bland, did anyone really ask for this ?Matilda Lutz's character is a classic "I want to save the world because everyone has some good in them" case.Johnny Galecki and Vincent D'Onofrio were wasted over just as hollow parts. The sad truth is, no one shines in this movie except for, maybe, contortionist Bonnie Morgan who brings a tad bit of life to Samara. The ending is predictable, too (and the trailer literally gives it away). It probably tries to pass on a feeling of dread and fatalism but will only leave you with a terrible sense of annoyance. The ending is not an end, and I can only cross my fingers that this wasn't a sign a sequel was ever considered. I gave only one star to "Rings" because of how exasperated it got me. As much as I tried to be objective with this review, I couldn't find anything positive to say. I've seen this exact same movie too many times these past 10 years and the horror genre isn't going anywhere with this.

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