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Danny Pudi as Jeff Penaras
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Melissa Ponzio as Ramona
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by killer_instin29 5 / 10 / 10

Unoriginal, lack of humour and pretty much useless

9 years after the first road trip was out this new instalment brings back DJ qualls (kyle) who takes potential new undergraduates to show and tell them of the college. Not as anywhere funny or original as the first one this movie does bring a few laughs, but nothing major. The movie is highly predictable and does not allow the watcher to connect with the road trip. I felt with the first and second road trip that the viewer can feel part of the movie which was not the case with this one. This is a straight to DVD release which tells you a lot about the movie. If you have nothing to do and have some beers in the fridge and snacks i'd recommend this movie. If you want to actually watch a movie and make time for one, this is not it!!

Reviewed by leakthenet 2 / 10 / 10

funny...........and not

lemme start off by telling you i have been waiting for this one for a long time. I totally forgot what was in the first one but it was funny...this one though....not so much. first the acting was not good at was just mediocre. people illustrated themselves as party people pretty good but their was no fire behind it. second if you wanted to see this movie for the T&A you will get some but not a lot. the nude scenes were pretty hot but if you been waited to see if Julianna Guill would show some skin...keep on waiting cause she only shows cleavage and thats the best it gets. You probably will never see her performance in Friday the 13th ever again. she does get more scenes and stuff which is cool cause she has a hot voice. third the concept of beer pong is pretty cool but is shown basically nothing. I seen those youtube clips of people making amazing shots from different angles and thought this movie was gonna show more but it was so so and it was more like Road Trip: Beer Pong Chicks. fourth if you seen a lot of comedy movies and such you will fully predict what it was kinda boring for me but yeah very very predictable. all in all its a flick that you could see in your spare time or if you just want to watch it for the chicks in it. there definitely are some great hilarious moments but they last for like 3 seconds.

Reviewed by tdevereaux 2 / 10 / 10

Gives bad movies a bad name.

The first "Road Trip" was a clever movie with a talented cast. It was fun to watch and has nothing to do with this movie. Well except for a sad attempt to connect them with a play on Tom Green's part from the first movie. One of my big problems with this film is the almost total lack of beer pong. I thought that having it in the title there would be more then just a passing reference to the game. Instead the entire movie is a very boring car ride for one guy to go hook up with some french chick he met once. And he doesn't even do that. Here's my synopsis of the movie: Some guys walk through a room where people in the background are playing beer pong. They watch a scene from "Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanomo" and then steal a cab to drive to a beer pong match. One guy tries to hook up but for some reason doesn't. Then they get to the match and forget to play beer pong. The chick that the dude was trying to cheat on shows up and helps them win beer pong without actually playing it. And they beat a guy that you are supposed to hate, but since you don't know him you don't really care. Then the quick rap up and a line that is supposed to be funny but isn't... FREEZE FRAME. This has got to be the slowest and most boring "College Comedy" I have ever seen. You'd be better off watching the movies this one poorly rips off.

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