Robin Hood

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David Morrissey as Little John
Owen Teale as Will Scarlett
Patrick Bergin as Sir Robert Hode / Robin Hood
Uma Thurman as Maid Marian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patherto 8 / 10 / 10

A sexy, vigorous retelling

Don't be put off by the "TV" in the title-this is a full-blown, first-class movie. Patrick Bergin gives his Robin a sense of humor and a spark of humanity. Uma Thurman, though not the most beautiful girl in the world (that honor still remains with Olivia), is sexy, vivacious, and definitely post-modern. A few scenes don't quite develop as far as they can, but all is forgiven by the Parade of Fools in the climactic moments. One big difference between this movie and Flynn's is that here they use broadswords rather than rapiers (more realistically). Instead of the "tck tck tck" of swordplay, here there are loud "Clangs" when the blades miss their target. It makes for a really good setpiece battle between Robin and his fierce (here, French) enemy. Nothing will replace the Errol Flynn Robin Hood, but this account is vigorous, funny, and filled with little surprises.

Reviewed by drrap 10 / 10 / 10

The best modern Robin Hood out there.

Everyone knows that Costner's Hood was a bomb, but too few people have seen this superior version, shown on TV and then perversely released only on VHS by Fox. Patrick Bergin is spot-on as a darkly-mooded Robin, and the backstory on his loss of rank and property is both historically plausible and dramatically effective -- a welcome change from other film versions. The tensions between native Saxon and invading Norman are also accurately portrayed, as exemplifed by Robin's vexed friendship with the new Norman landlord (a great performance by Jürgen Prochnow). The supporting case is excellent, particularly Uma Thurman as a liberated Maid Marian -- handy with a broadsword -- and Jeff Nuttall as the best Friar Tuck I've ever seen. The way in which Tuck gives a benediction to one of the Normans even as his calmly breaks his neck has to be seen to be believed. If there is any justice for Robin Hood in the 21st century, Fox ought to bring this version out on DVD. Its moody colorations, dank forests, and dour yet Merry Men would surely shine through.

Reviewed by Heimdal_88 10 / 10 / 10

Robin Hood (1991): Very historically accurate and well done English film

Yet another version of the classic epic, but done from such a different perspective and with enough accuracy and authenticity that you'll think you are seeing this story for the very first time... The story line is pretty much the same, of course, as those numerous versions before it, but is told from a more realistic and authentic English point of view... This version focuses on the Norman - Saxon struggle at that time in history and that is the pervasive influence throughout this superb motion picture.... Most of the characters are quite different from those you've come to expect from the afore-telling of this story, in particular Uma Thurman's very special Maid Marian and Patrick Bergen's unique and coup d'etat performance in the title role... The cinematography is outstanding, giving the story a somewhat darker but more realistic tone and feel, and the direction is about as flawless as I have seen in this type historically-based film... Unfortunately, this film was conceived and distributed around the same time as the AWFUL Kevin Costner version and consequently was swept aside by that highly marketed but substantially inferior 'Hollywood' version released in the same year and about the same time... It is really a tragedy too, because this is possibly the most authentic and well-made version of the Robin Hood story made to date... One can only imagine what a masterpiece this film would had been if the circumstances surrounding its release had been different... It was said in the print media that when the English producers of this film learned Hollywood was producing a similar movie on the same subject, they pared their losses, and opted for this final product that even with a lower budget than originally planned, is a MUCH better and more accurate re-telling of the classic Sir Robert Hode, 4th Earl of Huntington (a real person) legend... Well written and adapted for the screen, expertly cast, and superbly directed by English director John Irvin, this relatively low budget production has never received the accolades it deserves... Look for some stellar performances by Uma Thurman as Maid Marian, Patrick Bergin as Robin Hood, Jürgen Prochnow as Sir Miles Folcanet, Owen Teale as Will Scarlett and an unforgettable performance by Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbe as Baron Roger Daguerre...Also worthy of mention was a brief but commanding performance by Edward Fox as Prince John, and memorable performances by David Morrissey as Little John and Carolyn Backhouse as Nicole, Roger's Mistress... If you have seen the "Hollywood formula", American version of this story with Kevin Costner, but not this one, or if you have seen neither, do yourself a tremendous favor and see this film.... This movie will transport you back to another time and place, to see an accurate glimpse of medieval history come alive on film... Not to be missed by students of Medieval history or those curious about their European ancestry and origins... A film that is a rare hidden treasure and is very worthwhile seeking out and seeing... Outstanding...

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