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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rlcsljo 7 / 10 / 10

Rock before the "black out"

Alan Freed knew that blacks(Negroes then) were the pioneers of the Rock 'n' Role era, and he was not afraid to showcase them. All of the bands, including the white ones, put on a rocking showcase of a pretty good cross section of rock of the time, including "Rock-a-Billy". The obvious star of this sitcom like plot, however, is a gorgeous Tuesday Weld at age thirteen (It is hard to believe such a beautiful woman was even more beautiful as a child). Who shows a grace and charm that are far beyond those of the other "teenagers" in the movie. Definitely a highly entertaining historical document of the times.

Reviewed by ptb-8 5 / 10 / 10

Wow wow wow

This essential time capsule musical from the very dawn of Rock and Roll is really beyond criticism. Many other comments bleat about the quality and the story, but really, would you prefer it did not exist? Is "EIGHT MILE" or (groan) "COOL AS ICE"or (double groan) "GET RICH OR DIE Trying'' a better reminder of their music and time in history? Alan Freed should be almost revered for the work he did in promoting rock and roll in the mid 50s and it is because of him this astonishing record of fascinating music acts of 1955/56 exists. Reacting to it as if it was made today is ridiculous. ROCK ROCK ROCK is a complete world unto itself and made with a keen-ness to entertain and elate through some of the essential music stars of the day. It is also charming. Something none of the other three films mentioned above are or could be in the slightest., given their retarded aggression. ROCK ROCK ROCK is fun and a real surprise. A good complimentary film is the 1976 drama "AMERICAN HOT WAX" which is a bio of Alan Freed with spectacular recreations of the 50s and the Brooklyn Paramount days with Freed causing dancing strife with uptight authorities. Believe it or like it or not.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 5 / 10 / 10

Alan Freed Show comes to the prom.

Another rock 'n' roll quickie. Flimsy plot, but some very good musical performances. Future sex-kitten, thirteen year old Tuesday Weld makes her debut with the situation of trying to buy a dress for the prom. She 'lip syncs' to the voice of Connie Francis. Her boyfriend(Teddy Randazzo) wins a talent contest and somehow talks DJ Alan Freed into bringing a gaggle of talent to the prom. Randazzo's singing was about as boring as little Ivy Schulman's was dreadful. Redeeming this film are the performances by The Moonglows, Chuck Berry, The Flamingos, Lavern Baker, The Johnny Burnett Trio and Frankie Lymon. The Bowties and the House Rockers were a joke. There were worse movies out there at the time. This is surely worth the price of admission and a cherry coke. Note: I found it pretty cool that Miss Weld's character admits spending allowance money on playing Elvis records on the jukebox. Later, in 1961, she would actually play a sexpot trying to seduce him in WILD IN THE COUNTRY.

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