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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Dead_See 8 / 10 / 10

Superb animal attack horror, on a par with "Jaws" and "The Host".

It took me two full years to get around to seeing Rogue. Its been on my watch-list since its release, mostly because it was directed by Greg Mclean who did such an excellent job with "Wolf Creek", but I figured it would just be a step or two up from a good SyFy channel creature feature... maybe on a par with Lake Placid or its ilk, so I took my sweet time getting to it. Wow was I surprised! Just like Wolf Creek, Rogue builds slowly and steadily, introducing us to a group of sympathetic, yet humanly flawed characters. This is a great change of scenery from the usual Hollywood "model" stereotypes that usually fill such films. There's not a teenage jock or beach babe in sight. Likewise, the film takes its time to really set the location down in stone, with lingering shots on the wildlife and scenery that make you really feel like you're in the location with the characters. When the action starts, it moves quickly but believably. Remember in "Deep Blue Sea" when the entire plot pivoted on the fact that a helicopter winch unexpectedly shorted out? Well, there are no such illogical coincidences or convenient plot accidents here. Everything the characters do, and everything the animal does, is explained logically and realistically. This makes the whole scenario frighteningly believable because very rarely does any character do something that makes you say "Oh C'mon!". Another refreshing change from the Hollywood norm. The plot itself is pretty basic - our protagonists are stranded on a tiny island in a tidal river. They have a few hours before the tide engulfs the ground beneath their feet. Their boat is wrecked. It would be a case of simply swimming to the embankment and walking home if it weren't for the fact that a territorial 25-foot Crocodile has them pinned to the landmass. It could be the setup for a terrible, poorly done, B-movie, but Mclean takes his time and paces it so well as to make the whole thing seem very real and very dangerous. It's not entirely predictable either... if you could accurately guess at the opening of this film which characters live and which die I would be impressed. I've seen the large majority of animal attack offerings and this is one of the first that kept me guessing. I'm truly amazed that Rogue doesn't get more conversation and critical acclaim. I'd say as far as animal attack horror movies go, this one should take a place on the winners podium right up there alongside "The Host" and "Jaws". It's a fantastic movie and it deserves the recognition.

Reviewed by davek22 7 / 10 / 10

Finally A Top Notch Crocodile Film

I thought this would be a real cheesy B movie but was in for a great surprise. Starting with the cinematography and the initial town scenes I figured this may be half decent. Things picked up even more with the scenes on the boat introducing the characters. Small touches like the guy letting his loved ones ashes into the water and the photographer having a sly chow down on a hidden sandwich were really cool touches. Bigger budget films should take note! It got better from there, not showing too much of the croc and building suspense with good pacing and realistic reactions from the cast. The cinematography and editing on the river journey were great. After seeing this I almost want to go to the Northern Territories. Almost, but not after the Croc finally shows its face. This is one primal beast. The film does a good job of keeping it under wraps for the early portion of the film but when it finally shows its face its a great moment. The visual fx are faultless and the croc acts in a very realistic manner. In the second act the filmmakers do a great job at ratcheting up suspense, using a great set up involving the river. I wont spoil it here but its so simple but very effective. I am a jaded monster film fan and this one had me wanting to see it for a second time straight away. Crocs and Alligators seem to be the whipping boys of the film industry with so many comedy or low budget appearances. To finally to see one with real teeth and to give it a go with a good story and great fx is fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone after a monster night out.

Reviewed by ctomvelu-1 7 / 10 / 10

Croc rock

Nothing wrong with yet another killer crocodile movie. especially one that keeps the beast hidden until the second half. A group of tourists on an Australian river is stranded on a tiny spit of sand after a croc attacks their boat. Trying to get from the spit of sand to the riverbank becomes the group's major challenge as the monster croc picks them off one by one, and their spit of sane begins to go underwater. Radha Mitchell is the tour boat captain and French-born actor Michael Vartan (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Luke Perry here) plays an American journalist. When we finally see the croc, it is huge and fearsome indeed. Vartan ends up in its lair and must face it down. Great CGI and physical special effects. Most of the movie was shot on sets and a back lot, but you'd never know it. A must-see for killer croc fans.

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